Drizzle Brings Low-Latency Streaming to Spark; but RISE Lab is Just a Change in Funding

This morning at Spark Summit Europe 2016, Ion Stoica announced during his keynote the Drizzle project, which promises to reduce streaming data latency in Spark to be less than Flink and Storm. Ion announced this in the context of the new RISE Lab at UC Berkeley.

How to Search for Websites Using WordPress

Most of the time the website using WordPress are having a particular pattern in their code section.

If someone wants to whether there is a website using WordPress or not, they just need to look for source code.

Here is the process need to be applied:

1) Open the website url in your browser.

2) Press Ctrl + U, you will see the code editor. Even the firefox users can use Firebug and inspect the code.

3) Search for the pattern -- /wp-content/ or /wp-theme/ or simply theme or WordPress.

Date your Data: A Short Data-Science Love Story

It's a Monday morning; you're in your cubicle with a cup of strong coffee. An email notification breaks the silence. You have a new message: "Hey handsome, this is Ms. BigData, a free spirit, live on this vibrant planet, would you marry me and would you like to have Modbies (Models) with me?" You may feel overwhelmed by the words, feel both flattered and at the same time uncertain. It's Monday, and you've not yet hit your stride.

Cloud Machine Learning Platforms vs. Apache Spark Solutions


Cloud giants like Amazon, Google, Azure and IBM have rushed into the big data analytics cloud market.  They claim their tools will make developer tasks simple. For machine learning, they say their cloud products will free data scientists and developers from implementation details so they can focus on business logic.