GKS and Data Visualization in Data Science

The Graphical Kernel System (GKS) is a document produced by the International Standards Organization (ISO) which defines a common interface to interactive computer graphics for application programs. GKS has been designed by a group of experts representing the national standards institutions of most major industrialized countries. The full standard provides functional specifications for some 200 subroutines which perform graphics input and output in a device independent way. Application programs can thus move freely between different graphics devices and different host computers.

10 Common Misconceptions About Machine Learning

Machine learning has been here for a long time. Lately, it has been grabbing a lot of attention, primarily because of the way social networks like Facebook are interacting with users. The news feed on Facebook has become more intelligent and is catering more to the wishes of users. Google too is mining data, to make ad placements more meaningful and relevant. They are using Machine Learning algorithms to change the face of digital interactions.

What is SAS Analytics?

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System which is a Business Intelligence apparatus that encourages examination, revealing, information mining, and prescient demonstrating with the assistance of great perception, intuitive dashboards. SAS is a product suite created by SAS Institute for advanced investigation, multivariate examinations, business knowledge, information administration, and predictive investigation.

Introduction to Data Analytics

Remember all that times you spent in school learning about statistics and numbers, wondering to yourself whether it would ever come to use in the future. While the outreach of mathematics touches every corner and echelon of our lives, it presents a much better opportunity if its language is molded to provide some context. For a generation that generates petabytes of data every moment resulting from transactions, surveys, online interactions and a lot more, it becomes a grueling task to paint a rosy picture from those numbers.