A Checklist for Variable and Feature Selection

  1. Do you have domain knowledge? If yes, construct a better set of “ad hoc” features.
  2. Are your features commensurate? If no, consider normalizing them.
  3. Do you suspect interdependence of features? If yes, expand your feature set by constructing conjunctive features or products of features, as much as your computer resources allow you (see example of use in Section 4.4).

MOD 2016: 2nd International Workshop on Machine Learning, Optimization & Big Data


Paper submission deadline: February 28, 2016


Nello Cristianini, Bristol University, UK

Stephen H. Muggleton, Imperial College London, UK

Other Keynote Speakers will be announced soon

Gale-Shapley Algorithm and Designing Matching Markets

Al Roth won the Nobel Prize for "matching" and the design of new types of markets. The Gale-Shapley algorithm is a cornerstone of the matching methods Al Roth pioneered. The algorithm has been extended by Roth and others to apply "Matching Theory" to design matching markets solving real world problems like matching students to the right schools.