Radeon Hyperscale-class GPU Computing

The Radeon Open Compute Platform (ROCm) is an open source platform for GPU computing that is language independent and brings modular software development to GPU computing. This provides a real cheaper alternative to Nvidia's CUDA and helps developers in coding compute-oriented software for AMD Radeon GPUs along with converting existing CUDA software to run on GCN hardware.

Hillary Clinton's Flawed Algorithm Pissed Off the Data Science Gods

Hillary Clinton's campaign designed an algorithm named Ada to help make strategic decisions like where to place television ads to obtain the most electoral votes for the buck, where and when to deploy Clinton and others in person for optimal influence, and when it was safe to disappear and let the media focus on her opponent, Donald Trump.

Drizzle Brings Low-Latency Streaming to Spark; but RISE Lab is Just a Change in Funding

This morning at Spark Summit Europe 2016, Ion Stoica announced during his keynote the Drizzle project, which promises to reduce streaming data latency in Spark to be less than Flink and Storm. Ion announced this in the context of the new RISE Lab at UC Berkeley.