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GDELT Project - Open Database of Human Society

GDELT is the largest, highest resolution, and most detailed open dataset of global human society ever created. Its Event Database archives contain nearly 400M latitude/longitude geographic coordinates spanning over 12,900 days, additionally making it one of the largest open-access spatio-temporal datasets in existance. 

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See: http://bit.ly/1odUxop

Data Veracity vs. Data Quality

There is often confusion between the definitions of "data veracity" and "data quality".

Data veracity is sometimes thought as uncertain or imprecise data, yet may be more precisely defined as false or inaccurate data. The data may be intentionally, negligently or mistakenly falsified. Data veracity may be distinguished from data quality, usually defined as reliability and application efficiency of data, and sometimes used to describe incomplete, uncertain or imprecise data.