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Amount of False Data Creation is Rising

One major issue with data science results is the truthfulness of data - also known as "data veracity". In the past few years - especially last year (2014) - we have seen a rapid rise in the amount of false data creation.

Data veracity is defined as false or inaccurate data. The data may be intentionally, negligently or mistakenly falsified. Data veracity may be distinguished from data quality, usually defined as reliability and application efficiency of data, and sometimes used to describe incomplete, uncertain or imprecise data.

Information Security is High Priority for 2015

High value data science provides secrets that enable organizations to provide unique value and premium pricing to the marketplace. Intellectual property and human capital is the key differentiator in the modern economy. A major concern for organizations building and using big data analytical ecosystems is data security. One major flaw of public cloud platforms, the Hadoop ecosystem and many NoSQL databases is weak security.

Evidence Based Data-driven Decision Making: Achieving the Goal

The ultimate goal of architecting and building a big data technology infrastructure and analytical ecosystem is to optimize decision-making at all levels of the organization: strategic, tactical and operational.

Leaders understand the need for smart data and advantages that result from evidence based data-driven decisions. Yet most organizations do not have the right technologies, smart data sources, processes and talent to analyze and act on the right high quality data in near real-time.