Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework for the Intelligence Community

June, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance the intelligence mission, but like other new tools, we must understand how to use this rapidly evolving technology in a way that aligns with our principles to prevent unethical outcomes. This is an ethics guide for United States Intelligence Community personnel on how to procure, design, build, use, protect, consume, and manage AI and related data. Answering these questions, in conjunction with your agency-specific procedures and practices, promotes ethical design of AI consistent with the Principles of AI Ethics for the Intelligence Community. This guide is not a checklist and some of the concepts discussed herein may not apply in all instances. Instead, this guide is a living document intended to provide stakeholders with a reasoned approach to judgment and to assist with the documentation of considerations associated with the AI lifecycle. In doing so, this guide will enable mission through an enhanced understanding of goals between AI practitioners and managers while promoting the ethical use of AI.

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