FDGNN: Fully Dynamic Graph Neural Network

June, 2022


Dynamic Graph Neural Networks recently became more and more important as graphs from many scientific fields, ranging from mathematics, biology, social sciences, and physics to computer science, are dynamic by nature. While temporal changes (dynamics) play an essential role in many real-world applications, most of the models in the literature on Graph Neural Networks (GNN) process static graphs. The few GNN models on dynamic graphs only consider exceptional cases of dynamics, e.g., node attribute-dynamic graphs or structure-dynamic graphs limited to additions or changes to the graph's edges, etc. Therefore, we present a novel Fully Dynamic Graph Neural Network (FDGNN) that can handle fully-dynamic graphs in continuous time. The proposed method provides a node and an edge embedding that includes their activity to address added and deleted nodes or edges, and possible attributes. Furthermore, the embeddings specify Temporal Point Processes for each event to encode the distributions of the structure- and attribute-related incoming graph events. In addition, our model can be updated efficiently by considering single events for local retraining.

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