External Course

Proper Use and Misuse of Modeling - DSA ADS Course 2022

DSA ADS Course - 2022

Discuss the proper use and misuse of modeling. Discuss formulating appropriate assumptions and danger of simplifying assumptions. Discuss methods to evaluate and judge reasonable, dubious or untestable assumptions.

Discuss appropriate setting of model specifications and parameters.

Discuss subjecting models to rigorous empirical tests to avoid creating an illusion of reality.


Appropriate Use of RT-PCR Test - DSA ADS Course - 2022

DSA ADS Course - 2022

Discuss appropriate use and misuse of RT-PCR Test. Discuss Laboratory Quality Assurance. Review thoughts and methods of test inventor Dr. Kary Mullis.

Discuss real-world decision making based on test results. Review case histories of using RT-PCR Test for different purposes. Discuss cycle threshold (Ct) values of PCR test and methods to set appropriate Ct values for different situations.