Consumer Subject Review Boards - Data Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:44pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Privacy Substitutes - Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:41pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Big Data in Small Hands - Privacy and Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:36pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Relational Big Data 2016/05/22 - 6:25pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Prediction, Preemption, Presumption - How Big Data Threatens Big Picture Privacy 2016/05/22 - 6:21pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Big Data and Its Exclusions 2016/05/22 - 6:15pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Buying and Selling Privacy 2016/05/22 - 6:10pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Three Paradoxes of Big Data 2016/05/22 - 6:05pm Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation
Privacy and Big Data Legal Issues 2016/05/22 - 6:03pm Academic Paper Privacy, Legal, Law Regulation
P-hacking Issues 2016/05/20 - 12:38am Academic Paper P-hacking, Multiple Comparisons, Fishing Expedition
Introduction to Overfitting in Regression-Type Models 2016/05/20 - 12:30am Academic Paper Regression, Statistical Models, Simulation, Dichotomization, Overfitting
A Unified Architecture for Natural Language Processing - Deep Neural Networks with Multitask Learning 2016/05/02 - 7:43pm Academic Paper Natural Language Processing, Deep Neural Networks, Multitask Learning, NLP
The Fair Information Practice Principles 2016/05/02 - 7:40pm White Paper Information Privacy Law, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Can We Prove a Bank Guilty of Creating Systemic Risk? A Minority Report 2016/04/28 - 11:00pm Academic Paper Finance, Regulation, Law, Central Banks, Systemic Risk, Banking, Macroprudential Policy, Financial Stability, Risk Management
Demographics and Real Interest Rates: Inspecting the Mechanism 2016/04/28 - 10:56pm Academic Paper Finance, Central Banks, Demographics, Real Interest Rates, Economics, Life Expectancy, Population Growth
Wisdom of Twitter Crowds: Predicting Stock Market Reactions to FOMC Meetings via Twitter Feeds 2016/04/28 - 10:51pm Academic Paper Finance, Twitter, Crowdsourcing, Stock Market, FOMC, Twitter Feeds
Economic Perspectives on Incarceration and Criminal Justice System 2016/04/28 - 10:46pm Academic Paper Economics, Incarceration, Criminal Justice System
Ethics of Using Hacked Data - Patreon’s Data Hack and Academic Data Standards 2016/04/28 - 10:29pm Academic Paper Ethics, Data, Patreon, Academic Data Standards, Privacy, Hacked Data
Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning 2016/04/28 - 10:23pm Academic Paper Privacy, Deep Learning
Discrete Distribution Estimation under Local Privacy 2016/04/28 - 10:19pm Academic Paper Privacy, Discrete Distribution Estimation, Local Privacy
A Survey of Algorithms and Analysis for Adaptive Online Learning 2016/04/28 - 10:14pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Adaptive Online Learning
Federated Learning of Deep Networks using Model Averaging 2016/04/28 - 10:09pm Academic Paper Federated Learning of Deep Networks using Model Averaging
A Dual Embedding Space Model for Document Ranking 2016/04/28 - 10:05pm Academic Paper Dual Embedding Space Model, Document Ranking, Word Embeddings, Word2Vec
Manual for Using Homomorphic Encryption for Bioinformatics 2016/04/28 - 9:53pm Academic Paper Encrypted Data, Homomorphic Encryption, Bioinformatics, Healthcare, Privacy
ML Confidential: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data 2016/04/28 - 9:39pm Academic Paper Encrypted Data, Machine Learning, Privacy
CryptoNets: Applying Neural Networks to Encrypted Data with High Throughput and Accuracy 2016/04/28 - 9:34pm Academic Paper CryptoNets, Neural Networks, Encrypted Data, Machine Learning, Privacy
Theil's Mixed Estimation Model - Slides 2016/04/24 - 10:46am Slides Theil's Mixed Estimation Model
Black-Litterman Model In Detail 2016/04/24 - 10:41am Academic Paper Black-Litterman Model, Theil's Mixed Estimation Model, Bayes Theory.
Cognitive Computing - Slides 2016/04/24 - 10:37am Slides Cognitive Computing, Augmented Intelligence, Intelligent Machines
Neural Correlates of the LSD Experience Revealed by Multimodal Neuroimaging 2016/04/24 - 10:35am Academic Paper Neural Correlates, LSD, Multimodal Neuroimaging, Brain, Health care
Benefits of High Frequency Trading (HFT) 2016/04/09 - 10:55am White Paper High Frequency Trading, HFT, Automated Trading System, Finance, Regulation, Law
Automating Model Search for Large Scale Machine Learning 2016/04/09 - 10:33am Academic Paper TUPAQ, Automating Model Search, Machine Learning
Building Machines That Learn and Think Like People 2016/04/05 - 11:39am Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Machines, Machine Learning
Money, Power, and Monetary Regimes 2016 2016/04/04 - 6:47pm Academic Paper Money, Power, Monetary Regimes, Finance, Economics
Finance Tech - Digital Disruption Tipping Point 2016 2016/04/03 - 7:46pm White Paper Finance Technology, Fintech, Disruption, Banking
Love in the Age of Machine Learning 2016/03/31 - 12:09am White Paper Love, Machine Learning
Distributed TensorFlow with MPI 2016/03/30 - 11:21pm Academic Paper Distributed TensorFlow, MPI, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Data Mining, MLDM
Recurrent Batch Normalization 2016/03/30 - 11:18pm Academic Paper Recurrent Batch Normalization, Recurrent Neural Networks
Revisiting Semi-Supervised Learning with Graph Embeddings 2016/03/30 - 11:16pm Academic Paper Semi-Supervised Learning, Graph Embeddings
Attend, Infer, Repeat: Fast Scene Understanding with Generative Models 2016/03/30 - 11:13pm Academic Paper Fast Scene Understanding, Generative Models
Random Forest Based Approach for Concept Drift Handling 2016/03/30 - 11:09pm Academic Paper Random Forests, Concept Drift Handling
Decision Forests, Convolutional Networks and the Models in-Between 2016/03/30 - 11:06pm Academic Paper Decision Forests, Convolutional Networks
Batched Lazy Decision Trees 2016/03/30 - 11:01pm Academic Paper Batched Lazy Decision Trees, Lazy Decision Trees, Decision Trees
Controlling Search in Very large Commonsense Knowledge Bases: A Machine Learning Approach 2016/03/30 - 10:58pm Academic Paper Controlling Search, Commonsense Knowledge Bases, Machine Learning
Exploring the Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style 2016/03/30 - 10:54pm Academic Paper Neural Algorithm, Artistic Style
A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style 2016/03/30 - 10:45pm Academic Paper Neural Algorithm, Artistic Style
An FDA for Algorithms 2016/03/30 - 10:22pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Regulation, Law, Public Policy
Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference 2016/03/30 - 6:34pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Population Genetic Inference, Healthcare
Deep Learning for Building Intelligent Computer Systems 2016/03/30 - 6:28pm Video Deep Learning, Intelligent Computer Systems, Intelligent Machines
Deep Learning with Jeff Dean 2016/03/30 - 6:24pm Video Deep Learning, Jeff Dean