Compositional Stochastic Modeling and Probabilistic Programming 2015/09/22 - 12:10am Academic Paper Compositional Stochastic Modeling, Probabilistic Programming
Compiling Relational Database Schemata into Probabilistic Graphical Models 2015/09/22 - 12:09am Academic Paper Relational Database Schemata, Probabilistic Graphical Models
Accelerating Inference - Towards a Full Language, Compiler and Hardware Stack 2015/09/22 - 12:07am Academic Paper Accelerating Inference, Full Language, Compiler, Hardware Stack
Automated Variational Inference in Probabilistic Programming 2015/09/22 - 12:06am Academic Paper Automated Variational Inference, Probabilistic Programming
Lifted Inference for Probabilistic Programming 2015/09/22 - 12:05am Academic Paper Lifted Inference, Probabilistic Programming
Constraints for Probabilistic Logic Programming 2015/09/22 - 12:04am Academic Paper Probabilistic Logic Programming
High-dimensional Causal Inference: Exploiting the Power of Heterogeneous Data 2015/09/22 - 12:01am Video High-dimensional Causal Inference, Heterogeneous Data
Deep Reinforcement Learning by David Silver 2015/09/21 - 11:59pm Video Deep Reinforcement Learning, David Silver, Google, DeepMind
Computational Complexity of Bayesian Networks 2015/09/21 - 11:56pm Video Computational Complexity, Bayesian Networks
Non-parametric Causal Models 2015/09/21 - 11:55pm Video Non-parametric, Causal Models
Optimal Algorithms for Learning Bayesian Network Structures 2015/09/21 - 11:53pm Video Algorithms, Bayesian Network Structures
Belief Functions for the Working Scientist 2015/09/21 - 11:51pm Video Belief Functions, Data Scientist
Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Big Data 2015/09/11 - 7:21pm Academic Paper Statistical Inference, Learning Models
Real-time Natural Language Processing for Crowdsourced Road Traffic Alerts 2015/09/11 - 7:20pm Academic Paper Natural Language Processing, Crowdsource, Road Traffic Alerts
Faster and More Accurate Sequence Alignment with SNAP 2015/09/11 - 7:19pm Academic Paper Sequence Alignment, SNAP, Nucleotide Alignment
Memory Networks 2015/09/11 - 7:17pm Academic Paper Memory Networks, Machine Learning, Learning Models
Generating Sequences With Recurrent Neural Networks 2015/09/10 - 10:35pm Academic Paper Generating Sequences, Recurrent Neural Networks, Neural Networks
Bayesian Decision Analysis of Clinical Trial Design 2015/09/10 - 10:32pm Academic Paper Bayesian Decision Analysis, Clinical Trial Design, Bayesian
The Professionalization of Data Science by Michael Walker 2015/09/10 - 10:31pm Academic Paper Professionalization, Data Science, Profession, Michael Walker
The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web 2015/09/10 - 10:28pm Academic Paper PageRank, Citation Ranking, Algorithm, Google
Machine Learning & Business Value by Kush Patel 2015/09/02 - 11:21am Slides Machine Learning, Business Value, Kush Patel, Machine Learning Symposium
Statistical Interpretation of Inherently Structured Data by Michelle Archuleta 2015/09/02 - 10:54am Slides Statistical Interpretation, Inherently Structured Data, Michelle Archuleta, Machine Learning Symposium
Machine Learning Applications in the Real World by Michael Walker 2015/09/02 - 10:53am Slides Machine Learning Applications, Michael Walker, Machine Learning Symposium
Sankey Path Analysis of Web Button Clicks and Page Views by Nancy Abramson 2015/09/02 - 10:50am Slides Sankey Path Analysis, Web Button Clicks, Page Views, Nancy Abramson, Machine Learning Symposium
Using Machine Learning to Find Hackers and Malware by Sam Triolo 2015/09/01 - 10:01pm Slides Machine Learning, Hackers, Malware, Security, Sam Triolo, Machine Learning Symposium
Data Science in Action by Kamal Maheshwari 2015/09/01 - 9:57pm Slides Data Science, Kamal Maheshwari, Machine Learning Symposium
TIMELY: RTT-based Congestion Control for the Datacenter 2015/08/21 - 12:07am Academic Paper TIMELY, Datacenter Transport, Delay-based Congestion Control, OSbypass, RDMA, Google, RTT-based Congestion Control, Datacenter
Condor - Better Topologies Through Declarative Design 2015/08/21 - 12:02am Academic Paper Condor, Topology Design, Expandable Topologies, SLO compliance, Declarative Design, Google
BwE - Flexible, Hierarchical Bandwidth Allocation for WAN Distributed Computing 2015/08/20 - 11:59pm Academic Paper BwE, Bandwidth Allocation, WAN Distributed Computing, Network Resources Allocation, Network Management
Large-scale Cluster Management at Google with Borg 2015/08/20 - 11:53pm Academic Paper Borg, Cluster Management, Google
Jupiter Rising: A Decade of Clos Topologies and Centralized Control in Google’s Datacenter Network 2015/08/20 - 11:49pm Academic Paper Jupiter, Clos Topology, and Centralized Control and Management, Google, Datacenter Networks
A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist with Aster by Nancy Abramson and Paul Balas 2015/08/20 - 11:41pm White Paper Data Science, Aster, Nancy Abramson, Paul Balas
Data Science for a Better Future by Michael Walker 2015/08/19 - 9:16am Slides Data Science, Michael Walker
Bayesian Models of Human Action Understanding 2015/08/16 - 4:56am Academic Paper Bayesian Models, Human Action, Bayesian Inference, Bayesian
Teaching Machines to Read and Comprehend 2015/08/15 - 2:23pm Academic Paper Teaching Machines, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Rule of Law in the Regulatory State 2015/08/15 - 2:16pm White Paper Law, Regulation, Rule of Law, Regulatory State
Time for Legal System Reform: Federal Judge Alex Kozinski - Justice System Law Review 2015 2015/08/15 - 2:15pm Academic Paper Law, Legal Reform, Judge Alex Kozinski - Justice System Law Review 2015
Decision Modeling by James Taylor 2015/08/15 - 2:12pm White Paper Decision Modeling, James Taylor
Obstacle Course for Analytics by Gary Cokins 2015/08/15 - 2:11pm White Paper Analytics, Gary Cokins
Computer Simulations as Experiments 2015/08/15 - 2:04pm Academic Paper Computer Simulations, Experiments, Data Science
A New Kind of Science - Computer Simulation Experiments 2015/08/15 - 2:03pm Video Science, Data Science, Computer Simulations
The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence 2015/08/15 - 1:59pm Video Brain, Mind, Human Capital
Building Brains to Understand the World's Data 2015/08/15 - 1:57pm Video Brain, Machine Learning
What the Brain says about Machine Intelligence 2015/08/15 - 1:54pm Video Brain, Machine Intelligence, Machine Learning
Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers that Can Learn 2015/08/06 - 8:48pm Video Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms
Deep Learning - Theory and Applications 2015/08/06 - 8:44pm Video Deep Learning
A Neural Conversational Model 2015/07/17 - 8:14pm Academic Paper Neural Conversational Model, Neural Network
Tracking Employment Shocks Using Mobile Phone Data 2015/07/17 - 8:11pm Academic Paper Tracking Employment Shocks, Mobile Phone Data, Unemployment Data
Leveling the Playing Field - Longer Acquaintance Predicts Reduced Assortative Mating on Attractiveness 2015/07/17 - 8:09pm Academic Paper Reduced Assortative Mating, Attractiveness, Love, Human Mating
Extending Word2Vec for Performance and Semi Supervised Learning - Slides by Michael Malak 2015/07/05 - 5:04pm Slides Word2Vec, Semi Supervised Learning, Michael Malak, Slides