Classifying Options for Deep Reinforcement Learning 2016/10/01 - 1:35pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning
Towards Deep Symbolic Reinforcement Learning 2016/10/01 - 1:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Symbolic Reinforcement Learning, Deep Neural Network Learning
The Dataflow Model - A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, Unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing 2016/09/24 - 1:27pm Academic Paper Dataflow Model, Out-of-Order Data Processing, Data Processing, Data Streams
Kappa Architecture - Pros and Cons 2016/09/24 - 1:24pm Slides Kappa Architecture, Real Time Stream Processing Systems, Data Streams
The Natural Selection of Bad Science 2016/09/24 - 1:22pm Academic Paper Bad Science, Data Science Code of Professional Conduct
Sonora - A Platform for Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing 2016/09/24 - 1:20pm Academic Paper Sonora, Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing, Data Streams
Photon - Fault-tolerant and Scalable Joining of Continuous Data Streams 2016/09/24 - 1:17pm Academic Paper Photon, Continuous Data Streams, Data Streams
Muppet - MapReduce-Style Processing of Fast Data 2016/09/24 - 1:13pm Academic Paper Muppet, MapReduce, Data Streams
IBM InfoSphere Streams for Scalable, Real-Time, Intelligent Transportation Services 2016/09/24 - 1:12pm Academic Paper IBM, InfoSphere, Data Streams, Transportation Services
S4 - Distributed Stream Computing Platform 2016/09/24 - 12:46pm Academic Paper S4, Distributed Stream Computing Platform, Data Streams
FlumeJava - Easy, Efficient Data-Parallel Pipelines 2016/09/24 - 12:42pm Academic Paper FlumeJava, Data-Parallel Pipelines, Big Data Pipelines
MillWheel - Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing at Internet Scale 2016/09/24 - 12:40pm Academic Paper MillWheel, Stream Processing, Internet Scale, Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing
One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence - 2016 2016/09/24 - 12:33pm White Paper Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning
Extreme Machine Learning with GPUs 2016/09/20 - 3:10pm Slides Machine Learning, GPU
Bidding Strategies for Display Advertising: How to Avoid Boiling the Ocean 2016/09/20 - 3:06pm Slides Bidding Strategies, Display Advertising
Landmark Recognition Using Machine Learning 2016/09/20 - 3:03pm Academic Paper Landmark Recognition, Machine Learning
Data Science for Data-Driven Application Systems in the Internet of Things 2016/09/20 - 2:52pm Slides Data-Driven Application Systems, Internet of Things
The Trouble With Macroeconomics 2016/09/20 - 2:20pm Academic Paper Macroeconomics
Future Directions of AI in the Enterprise - Slides 2016/09/20 - 2:16pm Slides Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, AI
D-Wave's Approach to Quantum Computing: Past, Present, and Future 2016/09/20 - 12:58pm Video D-Wave, Quantum Computing
Future of Cognitive Computing 2016/09/20 - 12:54pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 4 2016/09/20 - 12:52pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 3 2016/09/20 - 12:51pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 2 2016/09/20 - 12:50pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 1 2016/09/20 - 12:48pm Video Cognitive Computing
NoSQL vs. RDBMS | HBase vs. Cassandra vs. MongoDB 2016/09/20 - 12:46pm Video NoSQL, RDBMS, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB
Driving High Frequency Trading and Compliance with In Memory Computing 2016/09/20 - 12:43pm Video HFT, High Frequency Trading, Compliance, In Memory Computing
Super Power Cassandra for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain 2016/09/20 - 12:41pm Video Cassandra, OLTP Workloads, GridGain
Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the National Football League 2016/09/13 - 2:47pm Academic Paper Overconfidence, Market Efficiency, National Football League, NFL, Decision Making, Agency Decisionmaking
Comparative Evaluation of Spark and Flink (Stratosphere) 2016/09/13 - 2:43pm White Paper Spark, Flink, Stratosphere
Intelligent Technology 2016/09/10 - 1:15pm White Paper Intelligent Technology, Augmented Intelligence, Intelligent Machines
Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus at Uber 2016/09/10 - 1:14pm Academic Paper Consumer Surplus, Uber, Economics, Data Analysis
Big Data’s Big Muscle 2016/09/10 - 1:12pm White Paper Big Data Analysis, Data Analytics
The Case for an Unmanaged Investment Company 2016/09/10 - 1:10pm Academic Paper Fianance, Portfolio Management, Investment, Index Funds
The Dark Side of Technology 2016/09/10 - 1:08pm White Paper Technology, Data Disclosure
The Queen of Numbers 2016/09/10 - 1:07pm White Paper Lucrezia Reichlin, Forecasting, Predictive Algorithms, Predictive Analytics
Step by Step Guide to the Black-Litterman Model 2016/09/03 - 1:39pm Academic Paper Black-Litterman Model
FaceNet - A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering 2016/09/03 - 1:37pm Academic Paper FaceNet, Face Recognition, Clustering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Analyzing Vocal Patterns to Determine Emotion 2016/09/03 - 1:35pm Academic Paper Vocal Patterns, Emotion, Interactive Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence
Adaptation Algorithm and Theory Based on Generalized Discrepancy 2016/09/03 - 1:33pm Academic Paper Adaptation Algorithm, Generalized Discrepancy, Algorithms
Deep Speech - Scaling Up End-to-end Speech Recognition 2016/08/28 - 1:41pm Academic Paper Deep Speech, Speech Recognition, Deep Learning
Collaborative Deep Learning for Recommender Systems 2016/08/28 - 1:39pm Academic Paper Collaborative Deep Learning, Recommender Systems, Deep Learning
Intuition Behind Black-Litterman Model Portfolios 2016/08/28 - 1:38pm Academic Paper Intuition, Black-Litterman, Model Portfolios
The Value of Medicaid - Interpreting Results from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment 2016/08/28 - 1:37pm Academic Paper Medicaid, Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
Approximate Linear Programming for Constrained Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes 2016/08/13 - 11:05am Academic Paper Linear Programming, Markov Decision Processes, Markov Chains, Markov, Markov Logic
Decision-theoretic Clustering of Strategies 2016/08/13 - 11:02am Academic Paper Decision Theory, Strategy Clustering, Decision Processes, Decision Algorithms, Decision Agents
Mapping Brain Activity at Scale with Cluster Computing 2016/08/13 - 10:56am Academic Paper Cluster Computing, Brain Activity Mapping, Brain Imaging Data, Brain
How Money Drives US Congressional Elections 2016/08/13 - 10:53am Academic Paper Political Prediction, Money, Elections
A Lesson in the Errors of Statistical Thinking: Nate Silver on Trump 2016/07/31 - 4:49pm Academic Paper Nate Silver, Statistical Thinking, Donald Trump, Political Prediction, Political Polls
Scalable Quantum Simulation of Molecular Energies 2016/07/31 - 4:45pm Academic Paper Quantum Computing, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Information, Scalable Quantum Simulation, Molecular Energies