The Meaning of Failed Replications - A Review and Proposal 2015/04/14 - 9:34pm Academic Paper Scientific Method, Replication, Failed Replications
Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data 2015/04/10 - 5:08pm Video Deep Learning
Yahoo talks about Spark vs. Storm 2015/04/10 - 5:06pm Video Yahoo, Spark, Storm
Applying the Lambda Architecture with Spark 2015/04/10 - 5:03pm Video Lambda Architecture, Spark
Lambda Architecture with Apache Spark 2015/04/10 - 5:00pm Slides Lambda Architecture, Spark
Machine Learning Cheat Sheet 2015 2015/04/06 - 8:45pm White Paper Machine Learning, 2015
Rotation-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks For Galaxy Morphology Prediction 2015/04/06 - 8:34pm Academic Paper Image Processing, Rotation-Invariant, Convolutional Neural Networks, Galaxy Morphology Prediction, Neural Networks
A Probabilistic Theory of Deep Learning 2015/04/03 - 8:35pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Probability Theory
Entanglement-Based Machine Learning on a Quantum Computer 2015/04/03 - 8:33pm Academic Paper Entanglement-Based, Machine Learning, Quantum Computer, Quantum Computing
Peter Norvig: How Computers Learn 2015/03/27 - 6:39pm Video Peter Norvig, Computers, Machine Learning
Storm vs. Spark Streaming - Slides 2015/03/24 - 11:59pm Slides Storm, Spark, Streaming
Apache Storm Architecture - Slides 2015/03/24 - 11:50pm Slides Storm, Architecture
Big Data Processing using Apache Spark and Clojure - Slides 2015/03/24 - 11:46pm Slides Spark, Clojure
PageRank Approach to Ranking National Football Teams 2015/03/24 - 11:13pm Academic Paper PageRank, Ranking National Football Teams, Soccer, Sports
Discretized Streams - Fault-Tolerant Streaming Computation at Scale 2015/03/23 - 8:43pm Academic Paper Discretized Streams, Fault-Tolerant Streaming, Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing
Consistent Binary Classification with Generalized Performance Metrics 2015/03/23 - 8:40pm Academic Paper Binary Classification, Generalized Performance Metrics
Differential Privacy and Machine Learning - Survey and Review 2015/03/23 - 8:39pm Academic Paper Differential Privacy, Machine Learning
Thresholding Classifiers to Maximize F1 Score 2015/03/23 - 8:38pm Academic Paper Thresholding Classifiers, F1 Score, Classification
Evaluating Trading Strategies 2015/03/23 - 8:36pm Academic Paper Trading Strategies, Finance, Economics
The Data Don't Speak for Themselves 2015/03/23 - 8:35pm White Paper Data, Frameworks, Data Interpretation, Bias
Rise of Insight-Driven Business 2015/03/23 - 8:32pm White Paper Business, Business Analytics
Making Sense of Performance in Data Analytics Frameworks 2015/03/18 - 10:58am Academic Paper Performance, Data Analytics Frameworks, CPU, I/O, Systems Architecture
What Deep Learning Means for Artificial Intelligence by Jonathan Mugan - Slides 2015/03/18 - 10:52am Slides Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Jonathan Mugan
Spark After Dark by Chris Fregly - Slides 2015/03/18 - 10:49am Slides Spark, Chris Fregly
Tachyon - Reliable, Memory Speed Storage for Cluster Computing Frameworks 2015/03/16 - 11:40pm Academic Paper Tachyon, Memory Speed Storage, Cluster Computing
Faster and More Accurate Sequence Alignment with SNAP 2015/03/16 - 11:39pm Academic Paper Sequence Alignment, SNAP
Investment Banking - Linkages to the Real Economy and the Financial System - Bank of England 2015 Analysis 2015/03/16 - 11:37pm Academic Paper Investment Banking, Financial System, Bank of England, Finance, Economics
Picking Winners: Investment Consultants' Recommendations of Fund Managers 2015/03/16 - 11:35pm Academic Paper Finance, Investment Consultants, Recommendations, Fund Managers, Predictive Analytics
Multi-Resource Fair Queueing for Packet Processing 2015/03/16 - 8:34pm Academic Paper Multi-Resource, Fair Queueing, Packet Processing, Cluster Computing
Resilient Distributed Datasets - A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing 2015/03/16 - 8:33pm Academic Paper Resilient Distributed Datasets, Fault-Tolerant Abstraction, In-memory, Cluster Computing
Delay Scheduling - A Simple Technique for Achieving Locality and Fairness in Cluster Scheduling 2015/03/16 - 8:30pm Academic Paper Delay Scheduling, Locality, Fairness, Cluster Scheduling, Data-Aware Cluster Scheduling
A Common Substrate for Cluster Computing 2015/03/14 - 11:17am Academic Paper Common Substrate, Cluster Computing
An Architecture for Fast and General Data Processing on Large Clusters 2015/03/14 - 11:15am Academic Paper Architecture, Data Processing, Large Clusters
Mesos - A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center 2015/03/09 - 9:40pm Academic Paper Mesos, Resource Sharing, Data Center
Omega - Flexible Scalable Schedulers for Large Compute Clusters 2015/03/09 - 9:39pm Academic Paper Omega, Schedulers, Compute Clusters, High Performance Computing
Interrogation Framework for Big Data Analysis 2015/03/09 - 9:35pm White Paper Ethics, Interrogation Framework, Big Data Analysis, Algorithms
Guide to Intelligent Data Analysis - Slides 2015/03/08 - 7:47pm Slides Intelligent Data Analysis
Cracking the Data Conundrum - How Successful Companies Make Big Data Operational 2015/03/08 - 7:45pm White Paper Successful Companies, Data Strategy, Operational Analytics
Introduction to Docker for Reproducible Research with Examples from the R Environment 2015/03/08 - 7:44pm Academic Paper Docker, Reproducible Research, R Environment
Bringing Optimization to Business 2015/03/08 - 7:42pm White Paper Optimization, Business
Spark Ecosystem by Michael Malak - Slides 2015/02/28 - 1:31pm Slides Spark
About Data Science Association - Slides 2015/02/28 - 12:48pm Slides Data Science Association
Machine Learning Contest Overview - Slides 2015/02/28 - 12:47pm Slides Machine Learning Contest
Machine Learning Contest Rules & Regs - Slides 2015/02/28 - 12:45pm Slides Machine Learning Contest, Rules, Regulations
Big Data and Classification by Paul Balas - Slides 2015/02/28 - 12:19pm Slides Data Classification, Paul Balas, Machine Learning Contest
Are your Data Analysts Ready for the Cloud by Charles Clifford - Slides 2015/02/27 - 9:09pm Slides Data Analysts, Cloud, Charles Clifford, Machine Learning Contest
Real-Time Analysis For High Frequency Trading by Lee Cole - Slides 2015/02/27 - 9:07pm Slides Real-Time Analysis, High Frequency Trading, Lee Cole, Machine Learning Contest
Walker's Data Science Laws by Michael Walker - Slides 2015/02/27 - 9:06pm Slides Data Science, Laws, Data Science Laws, Michael Walker, Machine Learning Contest
Making Sense of Sensor Data by Chris Howard - Slides 2015/02/27 - 9:04pm Slides Sensor Data, Chris Howard, Internet of Things, Machine Learning Contest
Deep Learning with Text by Will Stanton - Slides 2015/02/27 - 9:02pm Slides Deep Learning, Deep Learning with Text, Will Stanton, Machine Learning Contest