Scaling-up Importance Sampling for Markov Logic Networks 2014/12/18 - 9:38pm Academic Paper Scaling-up, Importance Sampling, Markov Logic Networks, Markov Logic
Fairness in Multi-Agent Sequential Decision-Making 2014/12/18 - 9:36pm Academic Paper Fairness, Multi-Agent, Sequential Decision-Making, Multi-Agent System, Decision Processes
Randomized Experimental Design for Causal Graph Discovery 2014/12/18 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Randomized Experimental Design, Causal Graph Discovery, Experiments
How Hard is Artificial Intelligence - Evolutionary Arguments and Selection Effects 2014/12/18 - 9:33pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Evolution, Selection Effects, AI
How Hard is Artificial Intelligence - Evolutionary Arguments and Selection Effects 2014/12/18 - 9:33pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Evolution, Selection Effects, AI
Quantum Nanophotonic Systems 2014/12/18 - 9:30pm Academic Paper Quantum, Nanophotonic, Quantum Mechanics
Algorithm Selection by Rational Metareasoning as a Model of Human Strategy Selection 2014/12/11 - 9:59pm Academic Paper Algorithm Selection, Rational Metareasoning, Human Strategy Selection, Algorithms
Intriguing Properties of Neural Networks 2014/12/11 - 9:56pm Academic Paper Neural Networks
The SQL++ Unifying Semi-structured Query Language, and an Expressiveness Benchmark of SQL-on-Hadoop, NoSQL and NewSQL Databases 2014/12/11 - 9:46pm Academic Paper SQL++, Unifying Semi-structured Query Language, SQL-on-Hadoop, NoSQL, NewSQL, Databases, Hadoop
The Bayesian Case Model - A Generative Approach for Case-Based Reasoning and Prototype Classification 2014/12/07 - 11:49am Academic Paper Bayesian Classifiers, Bayesian Case Model, Case-Based Reasoning, Prototype Classification
Do Convnets Learn Correspondence? 2014/12/07 - 11:47am Academic Paper Correspondence, Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos 2014/12/07 - 11:43am Academic Paper Two-Stream Convolutional Networks, Action Recognition, Videos, Deep Convolutional Networks
Learning Deep Features for Scene Recognition using Places Database 2014/12/07 - 11:41am Academic Paper Deep Features, Scene Recognition, Places Database, Deep Learning
LineageDB Architecture for real-time Big Data Analytics - Slides 2014/12/03 - 12:15pm Slides LineageDB Architecture, Real-time Analytics, Charles Clifford
Top 20 Data Quality Solutions for Data Science - Slides 2014/12/03 - 12:14pm Slides Data Quality Solutions, Data Quality, Ken Farmer
Mesos: The Operating System for your Cluster 2014/12/01 - 10:12pm Video Mesos, Operating System, Cluster
Cluster Management at Google 2014/12/01 - 10:09pm Video Cluster Management, Google
Introduction to Docker 2014/12/01 - 10:07pm Video Docker
Real-Time Visualization with Kafka, Storm, Redis, node.js & d3.js 2014/12/01 - 10:03pm Video Real-Time, Visualization, Kafka, Storm, Redis, Node.js, d3.js
Real-time Visualization with Python and d3.js 2014/12/01 - 9:59pm Video Real-Time, Visualization, Python, d3.js
Exploratory Data Analysis 2014/12/01 - 9:57pm Video Exploratory Data Analysis
Restricted Boltzmann Machines Modeling Human Choice 2014/12/01 - 9:25pm Academic Paper Restricted Boltzmann Machines, Human Choice, Boltzmann Machines
General Stochastic Networks for Classification 2014/12/01 - 9:21pm Academic Paper General Stochastic Networks, Classification
Improved Multimodal Deep Learning with Variation of Information 2014/12/01 - 9:20pm Academic Paper Multimodal Deep Learning, Variation, Information, Deep Learning
Global Belief Recursive Neural Networks 2014/12/01 - 9:16pm Academic Paper Global Belief, Recursive Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, NLP
Convolutional Kernel Networks 2014/12/01 - 9:14pm Academic Paper Convolutional Kernel Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks
Do Deep Nets Really Need to be Deep? 2014/12/01 - 9:12pm Academic Paper Deep Networks
Recursive Context Propagation Network for Semantic Scene Labeling 2014/12/01 - 9:10pm Academic Paper Recursive Context Propagation Network, Semantic Scene Labeling, Deep Networks
Depth Map Prediction from a Single Image using a Multi-Scale Deep Network 2014/12/01 - 9:08pm Academic Paper Depth Map Prediction, Multi-Scale Deep Network, Deep Networks
Deep Symmetry Networks 2014/12/01 - 9:05pm Academic Paper Deep Symmetry Networks, Deep Convolutional Networks
Deep Recursive Neural Networks for Compositionality in Language 2014/12/01 - 9:03pm Academic Paper Deep Recursive Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Compositionality, Language
A Multi-World Approach to Question Answering about Real-World Scenes based on Uncertain Input 2014/12/01 - 9:01pm Academic Paper Question Answering, Real-World Scenes, Uncertain Input, Data Uncertainty
Attentional Neural Network: Feature Selection Using Cognitive Feedback 2014/12/01 - 8:57pm Academic Paper Attentional Neural Network, Feature Selection, Cognitive Feedback, Deep Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Matching Natural Language Sentences 2014/12/01 - 8:55pm Academic Paper Convolutional Neural Network Architectures, Matching Natural Language Sentences, Convolutional Neural Networks
How Transferable are Features in Deep Neural Networks 2014/12/01 - 8:52pm Academic Paper Deep Neural Networks, Deep Networks
How to Design a Good API 2014/11/29 - 8:54pm Slides API Design, Mobile API, REST API
Manual of API Design 2014/11/29 - 8:52pm Academic Paper API Design, REST API
Substrate - Digital Neurosynaptic Core 2014/11/29 - 8:34pm Academic Paper Substrate, Digital Neurosynaptic Core, Neurosynaptic
Hebb Rule for Synaptic Plasticity - Algorithms and Implementation 2014/11/29 - 8:27pm Academic Paper Hebb Rule, Synaptic Plasticity, Algorithms
Analog Implementation of Pulse-coupled Neural Networks 2014/11/29 - 8:26pm Academic Paper Analog, Pulse-coupled Neural Networks, Neural Networks
Comparative Analysis of Health Policy Micro-Simulation Models 2014/11/28 - 8:21pm Academic Paper Microsimulation Models, Health Policy, ACA, Policy Prediction Models
Congressional Budget Office ACA Cost Estimates Letter - March 10 2010 2014/11/28 - 8:19pm White Paper Microsimulation Models, ACA, Congressional Budget Office, Cost Estimates
Health Policy Microsimulation Models - Predicting the ACA 2014/11/28 - 8:16pm Slides Health Policy, Microsimulation Models, ACA, Policy Prediction Models
Grover Algorithm Applied to Four Qubits System 2014/11/23 - 1:27pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Grover Algorithm, Four Qubits System, Qubits
Grover's Algorithm - Slides 2014/11/23 - 1:26pm Slides Algorithms, Grover's Algorithm
Grover's Algorithm - Introduction 2014/11/23 - 1:24pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Grover's Algorithm
Quantum Support Vector Machine for Big Feature and Big Data Classification 2014/11/23 - 1:23pm Academic Paper Support Vector Machines, Support Vector Classification, Quantum Support Vector Machine, Big Feature, Big Data Classification
Quantum Information Processing Theory 2014/11/23 - 1:21pm Academic Paper Quantum, Information Processing Theory, Efficient Information Processing
Quantum Challenge in Concept Theory and Natural Language Processing 2014/11/23 - 1:19pm Academic Paper Quantum, Concept Theory, Natural Language Processing
Quantum Mechanics Meets Cognitive Science 2014/11/23 - 1:18pm Academic Paper Quantum Mechanics, Cognitive Science, Quantum