Topological Data Analysis 2013/11/08 - 4:18pm Academic Paper Topological Data Analysis, Big Data Infrastructure, Big Data, Data Science
Smart Data Analytics Ecosystem 2013/11/08 - 4:14pm White Paper Data Analytics Ecosystem, Big Data, Data Analytics Infrastructure
Time-series Outlier Detection by Clustering 2013/11/08 - 4:12pm Academic Paper Time-series, Outlier Detection, Clustering, Algorithm
A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning 2013/11/08 - 12:37pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Data Science
Design and Implementation of a Data Analytics Infrastructure In Support of Crisis Informatics Research 2013/11/08 - 12:33pm Academic Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Infrastructure, Informatics, Big Data, Crisis Management
MySQL to NoSQL Data Modeling Challenges in Supporting Scalability 2013/11/08 - 12:30pm Academic Paper MySQL, NoSQL, Database, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Management
Discrete Math You Need to Know 2013/11/08 - 12:19pm White Paper Data Science, Math, Big Data, Data Scientist
Good enough is good enough 2013/11/08 - 12:13pm White Paper Big Data, Data Science
Data Discovery for Humans 2013/11/08 - 12:09pm White Paper Data Discovery, Big Data
Introduction to Apache Hadoop 2013/11/08 - 12:04pm White Paper Hadoop
Disruptive Technologies Report 2013 2013/11/03 - 10:41pm White Paper Technologies
The Mythology of Big Data 2013/11/03 - 10:40pm White Paper Big Data
Big Data Big Ruse 2013/11/03 - 10:38pm White Paper Big Data
Introduction to Machine Learning - Part I 2013/11/03 - 10:30pm White Paper Machine Learning, Data Science
Getting Hadoop, Hive and HBase up and running in less than 15 minutes 2013/11/03 - 10:26pm White Paper Hadoop, Hive, HBase
Design Patterns for Large-Scale Database Management 2013/11/03 - 10:24pm White Paper Database Management
Database Performance: What Really Matters? 2013/11/03 - 10:21pm White Paper Database Performance, Database
Adventures in Node.js 2013/11/03 - 10:14pm White Paper Node.js
Building an Impenetrable ZooKeeper 2013/11/03 - 10:13pm White Paper Hadoop, ZooKeeper
Designing The Internet of Things with the 3 Laws of Robotics 2013/11/03 - 10:11pm White Paper Internet of Things, Robotics
Distributed Patterns in Action 2013/11/03 - 10:10pm White Paper Distributed Patterns, Data Science
Everything Counts 2013/11/03 - 10:07pm White Paper Data, Data Science
How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain a Diverse Team 2013/11/03 - 9:52pm White Paper Recruit, Hire, Team, Data Science
Python Luigi - Batch Data Processing at Large Scale 2013/11/03 - 9:35pm White Paper Python, Luigi, Batch Processing, Batch
Python 103: Memory Model & Best Practices 2013/11/03 - 9:34pm White Paper Python
How Enterprises Really Use Big Data Survey 2013/11/03 - 9:30pm White Paper Big Data, Survey
Building Scalable Big Data Infrastructure Using Open Source Software 2013/11/03 - 9:27pm White Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Open Source Software
Data is Not a Business Model - Moving Knowledge to Action 2013/11/03 - 9:15pm White Paper Data, Business Model, Knowledge
Building Data Science Teams 2013/11/03 - 9:12pm White Paper Data Science, Teams
Next-Gen Data Scientists 2013/11/03 - 8:57pm White Paper Data Scientist, Data Science
Keep Your Data Science Efforts from Derailing 2013/11/03 - 8:54pm White Paper Data Science
Trends in Research Cyberinfrastructure 2013/11/03 - 5:39pm Slides HPC, Data Management