Practical Guide to Support Vector Classification 2014/10/31 - 7:14pm Academic Paper Support Vector Classification, Support Vector Machines, Nonlinear Support Vector Machines
Measuring the Behavioral Component of Financial Fluctuations 2014/10/31 - 7:12pm Academic Paper Finance, Behavior, Financial Fluctuations
Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners 2014/10/31 - 7:08pm Video Cassandra, NoSQL, Database
Introduction to Cassandra 2014/10/31 - 7:05pm Video Cassandra, NoSQL, Database
Cassandra Day Denver 2014: Lessons Learned Implementing Cassandra 2014/10/31 - 7:03pm Video Cassandra, NoSQL, Database
Watching Your Cassandra Cluster Melt 2014/10/31 - 7:01pm Video Cassandra, NoSQL, Database
Improving Mainframe Performance with Hadoop 2014/10/31 - 6:58pm Video Mainframe, Hadoop
Estimating the Reproduction Number of Ebola Virus (EBOV) During the 2014 Outbreak in West Africa 2014/10/28 - 9:28pm Academic Paper Ebola Virus, 2014, West Africa
How Big Data is Reshaping the Conduct of Diplomacy, Risks to National Security, and Business Operations 2014/10/27 - 8:28pm Video Big Data, Diplomacy, Risk, National Security, Risk Management
How To Pick The Best Regression Equation A Review And Comparison Of Model Selection Algorithms 2014/10/26 - 11:26am Academic Paper Regression Equation, Algorithms, Linear Regression, Binary Regression
Reasoning with Computer Code New Mathematical Logic 2014/10/26 - 11:23am Academic Paper Computer Code, Mathematical Logic
Analytic Platforms - Beyond the Traditional Data Warehouse 2014/10/26 - 11:19am White Paper Analytic Platforms, Traditional Data Warehouse
Six Steps to Starting a Information Business 2014/10/26 - 11:10am White Paper Information Business, Data Business, Data Broker
Administrative Law, Filter Failure, and Information Capture 2014/10/26 - 11:08am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Agency, Decision Processes, Decision Algorithms, Efficient Information Processing
Science in Regulation - Study of Agency Decisionmaking Approaches 2014/10/26 - 11:05am Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Science, Agency Decisionmaking, Decision Processes, Decision Algorithms
Can We Build a Better Brain? 2014/10/24 - 9:56pm Video Brain Imaging, Brain
The Best Recruiter at Google 2014/10/24 - 9:54pm Video Human Resources, Teams, Talent Strategy, Google
Facebook Notifications using HBase and Event Streams 2014/10/24 - 9:47pm Video Facebook, Notifications, HBase, Event Streams
Scaling Redis at Twitter 2014/10/24 - 9:45pm Video NoSQL, Redis, Twitter
Big Data Knows When You Turn Off the Lights 2014/10/24 - 9:41pm Video Real-Time City, Resource Allocation
Relation Between CEO Incentive Compensation and Future Stock Price Performance 2014/10/21 - 10:41pm Academic Paper CEO Compensation, Stock Price Performance
Bayesian Theory of Mind Modeling Joint Belief-Desire Attribution 2014/10/19 - 12:12pm Academic Paper Bayesian Theory, Mind Modeling, Joint Belief-Desire Attribution, Bayesian Analysis
Discriminative Structure and Parameter Learning for. Markov Logic Networks 2014/10/19 - 12:10pm Academic Paper Discriminative Structure, Parameter Learning, Markov Logic Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Markov
Exploring End User Preferences for Location Obfuscation, Location-Based Services, and the Value of Location 2014/10/19 - 12:09pm Academic Paper End User Preferences, Location Obfuscation, Location-Based Services, Value of Location
Too Much Talent - Building Optimal Teams 2014/10/19 - 12:05pm Academic Paper Human Resources, Talent Strategy, Human-Multiagent Teams. Teams
Investment Hangover and the Great Recession 2014/10/14 - 11:54pm Academic Paper Finance, Housing Finance, Predictive Analytics, Investment, Economics, Recession
The Great Mortgaging - Housing Finance, Crises, and Business Cycles 2014/10/14 - 11:52pm Academic Paper Bank Lending, Predictive Analytics, House Mortgages, Housing Finance, Crises, Business Cycles
Polanyi’s Paradox and the Shape of Employment Growth 2014/10/14 - 11:49pm Academic Paper Polanyi’s Paradox, Employment Growth
Predictive Analytics in 30 Days: The How-To Guide 2014/10/10 - 3:49pm Video Qubole, Predictive Analytics, Guide
Google Cloud Platform 2014/10/10 - 3:47pm Video Google Cloud Platform
Large-Scale Machine Learning with Apache Spark 2014/10/10 - 3:06pm Video Spark, Machine Learning
Mining Big Data with Apache Spark 2014/10/10 - 2:59pm Video Spark, Data Mining
Introduction to Apache Spark & Scala 2014/10/10 - 2:52pm Video Spark, Scala
Machine Learning Resource Guide 2014 2014/10/10 - 11:58am External Course Machine Learning, Resource, Guide, 2014
Data Analytics Methods and Techniques 2014 2014/10/10 - 11:56am White Paper Data Analytics, Methods, Techniques
Deep Fisher Networks and Class Saliency Maps for Object Classification and Localisation - Slides 2014 2014/10/10 - 11:54am Slides Deep Fisher Networks, Class Saliency Maps, Object Classification, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 2014/10/10 - 11:46am Slides Deep Learning, Machine Learning, ImageNet Classification, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Adaptive Non-parametric Rectification of Shallow and Deep Experts - Slides 2014 2014/10/10 - 11:36am Slides Adaptive Non-parametric Rectification, Deep Experts, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Data Protection and Freedom of Information - Google Legal Administrative Order - Hamburg Germany 2014 2014/10/10 - 11:34am White Paper Law, Regulation, Information Privacy Law, Google, Legal Administrative Order
High Performance Machine Learning through Codesign and Rooflining 2014/10/09 - 11:41am Academic Paper BIDMach, GPU, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Codesign, Rooflining
Theory of Convex Optimization for Machine Learning 2014/10/02 - 7:13pm Academic Paper Convex Optimization, Machine Learning, Nonconvex Optimization
Convex Optimization 2014/10/02 - 7:12pm Academic Paper Convex Optimization, Nonconvex Optimization, Optimization, Optimization Algorithms
Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers 2014/10/02 - 7:09pm Academic Paper Distributed Optimization, Statistical Learning, Alternating Direction, Multipliers
CNN Features off-the-shelf - an Astounding Baseline for Recognition 2014/10/02 - 7:07pm Academic Paper CNN Features, Recognition, Deep Learning, Image Classification
Women in CS - An Evaluation of Three Promising Practices 2014/10/02 - 7:05pm Academic Paper Women, Computer Science, Computer Science Programming Courses
Rich Feature Hierarchies for Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation - Slides 2014 2014/10/02 - 7:03pm Slides Rich Feature Hierarchies, Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation
Analytics and Productivity 2014/10/02 - 7:01pm White Paper Analytics, Productivity, Business Analytics
Software Product Development Services Vendor Evaluations 2014 2014/10/02 - 6:58pm White Paper Software Product Development, Vendor Evaluations, 2014
On the Saddle Point Problem for Non-convex Optimization 2014/09/29 - 11:00pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Saddle Point Problem, High-dimensional Non-convex Optimization, Random Matrix Theory
Identifying and Attacking the Saddle Point Problem in High-dimensional Non-convex Optimization 2014/09/29 - 10:57pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Saddle Point Problem, High-dimensional Non-convex Optimization, Random Matrix Theory