Spatial Pyramid Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition 2014/09/29 - 8:26pm Academic Paper Spatial Pyramid Pooling, Deep Convolutional Networks, Visual Recognition, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Image Classification, Object Detection
Analytics Needs in Workforce Study 2013 2014/09/27 - 5:37pm White Paper Analytics, Workforce, Study, 2013
Integrating Hadoop into DW - BI 2014/09/27 - 5:35pm White Paper Hadoop, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence
Big Data at Work in Manufacturing 2014/09/27 - 5:33pm White Paper Manufacturing
Delivering Customer Value Faster With Big Data Analytics 2014/09/27 - 5:30pm White Paper Customer Analytics
Accenture Technology Vision 2014 2014/09/27 - 5:28pm White Paper Accenture, Technology, Vision, 2014
Oversensitive - How the IPCC Hid the Good News on Global Warming 2014/09/27 - 5:24pm Academic Paper Climate Science, IPCC, Data Modeling
The Implications for Climate Sensitivity of AR5 Forcing and Heat Uptake Estimates 2014/09/27 - 5:22pm Academic Paper Climate Science, Data Modeling
Population Projections using Bayesian Probabilistic Methodology 2014/09/27 - 5:21pm Academic Paper Population Projections, Bayesian Probabilistic Methodology, Bayesian Inference
How Can Decision Making Be Improved 2014/09/27 - 5:18pm Academic Paper Information Management, Decision Making, Bayesian Probability
Data Science and our Magical Mind 2014/09/27 - 5:13pm Video Data Science, Mind, Integrated Brain
Stanford: How to Start a Startup - Lecture 1 2014/09/27 - 5:09pm Video Stanford, Startup, Class
HuffPost-YouGov Poll on Public Trust and Science 2013 2014/09/24 - 6:09pm Slides Data Science, Science, Trust, Respect, Communication, Competency
Gaining Trust as well as Respect in Communicating Science Topics 2014/09/24 - 6:03pm Academic Paper Data Science, Science, Trust, Respect, Communication, Competency
Application of Markov Chain in Forecasting Demand of Trading Company 2014/09/21 - 2:22pm Academic Paper Markov Chains, Forecasting, Financial Trading, Hidden Markov Models
The Power of Choice in Data-Aware Cluster Scheduling 2014/09/21 - 2:19pm Academic Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Data-Aware Cluster Scheduling
Newly Emerging Best Practices for Big Data - Ralph Kimball 2014/09/21 - 2:17pm White Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Best Practices, Ralph Kimball
Visualizing Topics, Time, and Grades in Online Class Discussions 2014/09/21 - 2:15pm Academic Paper Online Class Discussions, Data Visualization, Interactive Visual Analysis
Building the Foundation for Big Data 2014/09/21 - 2:13pm White Paper Big Data Infrastructure
User-Driven Sampling Strategies in Image Exploitation 2014/09/21 - 2:08pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, User-Driven Sampling Strategies, Image Exploitation, Visual Analytics, Interactive Machine Learning, Active Learning, Relevance Feedback
Using Testing to Enhance Learning 2014/09/21 - 2:03pm Academic Paper Testing, Learning, Cognitive Systems
Master Data Management Solutions Vendor Evaluations 2014 2014/09/21 - 2:01pm White Paper Master Data Management, Vendor, Evaluations, 2014
Machine Learning in Python 2014/09/20 - 8:38pm Video Machine Learning, Python
NoSQL & Non-Relational Databases & Monte Carlo Simulations 2014/09/20 - 8:35pm Video Database, NoSQL, Non-Relational Databases, Monte Carlo Simulations
Mythologies of Big Data 2014/09/20 - 8:33pm Video Big Data
How We Move - Data Visualizations 2014/09/20 - 8:28pm Video Data Visualization, Interactive Visual Analysis
Multimedia Data Stream Management System 2014/09/14 - 5:49pm Academic Paper Multimedia, Data Stream, Management System, Real-time Analytics
Anomaly Detection A Survey 2014/09/14 - 5:48pm Academic Paper Anomaly Detection, Anomaly, Top-K Subspace Anomalies
The Predictive Power of Zero Intelligence in Financial Markets 2014/09/14 - 5:45pm Academic Paper Finance, Prediction, Predictive Analytics, Zero Intelligence, Financial Markets
Scientific Model of Causality 2014/09/14 - 5:42pm Academic Paper Scientific Method, Causality, Causal Inference
Service Virtualization & Testing Solutions Vendor Evaluations 2014 2014/09/14 - 5:39pm White Paper Virtualization, Vendor Evaluations, 2014
How to Create a Mind 2014/09/14 - 5:37pm Video Brains, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning
Robust Bayesianism - Relation to Evidence Theory 2014/09/06 - 7:50pm Academic Paper Bayesian, Robust Bayesianism, Evidence Theory
Forecasting Financial Markets using Neural Networks 2014/09/06 - 7:49pm Academic Paper Forecasting, Financial Markets, Neural Networks, Fianance, Deep Neural Networks
A Business Intelligence Model to Predict Bankruptcy using Financial Domain Ontology with Association Rule Mining Algorithm 2014/09/06 - 7:47pm Academic Paper Business Intelligence, Bankruptcy, Ontology, Association Rule Mining Algorithm, Predictions, Algorithms
On Default Correlation A Copula Function Approach 2014/09/06 - 7:44pm Academic Paper Default Correlation, Copula Function
Research Grants - Conform and Be Funded 2014/09/06 - 7:43pm Academic Paper Research Grants, Fundeding
Helping Computers Understand Humans 2014/09/03 - 6:15pm Video Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Nell Watson
ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 2014/08/28 - 5:48pm Academic Paper Classification, Classification Algorithms, ImageNet Classification, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks
Reversible Computing - Promises and Challenges 2014/08/28 - 5:46pm Academic Paper Reversible Computing
Optimal Bayesian Exploration in Dynamic Environments 2014/08/28 - 5:44pm Academic Paper Bayesian Optimization, Bayesian Exploration, Dynamic Environments
Induction of Ordinal Decision Trees 2014/08/28 - 5:40pm Academic Paper Decision Trees, Decision Algorithms, Induction, Ordinal Decision Trees
The Robstuness of Neural Networks for Modelling and Trading the EUR USD Exchange Rate at the ECB Fixing 2014/08/28 - 5:38pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Finance, Modelling, Trading, Foreign Exchange Rate, Currency Exchanges
Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia 2014/08/28 - 5:33pm Video Smart Urbanism, Cities, Real-Time City
How Can Big Data Analytics Shape Future Cities? 2014/08/28 - 5:32pm Video Cities, Smart Urbanism
The Real-Time City? Big Data and Smart Urbanism 2014/08/28 - 5:30pm Video Real-Time City, Smart Urbanism
Kolmogorov Complexity - Slides 2014/08/26 - 3:42pm Slides Kolmogorov Complexity
Kolmogorov Complexity 2014/08/26 - 3:41pm Academic Paper Kolmogorov Complexity
Isoelastic Agents and Wealth Updates in Machine Learning Markets 2014/08/26 - 3:40pm Academic Paper Isoelastic Agents, Machine Learning, Financial Markets, Multi-Agent System
An Object-Oriented Approach to Reinforcement Learning in an Action Game 2014/08/26 - 3:38pm Academic Paper Object-Oriented Approach, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning