Becoming a Data Professional: Taking it to Next Level 2014/07/27 - 12:43pm Video Data Science, Big Data Analysis, Data Skills
Fuzzy Data Fusion 2014/07/27 - 12:35pm External Course Fuzzy Data Fusion
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Recommendations 2014/07/27 - 12:28pm White Paper Healthcare
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Paper 2014/07/27 - 12:27pm White Paper Healthcare
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Slides 2014/07/27 - 12:26pm Slides Healthcare
Decisive Action - How Businesses Make Decisions and How They Could do it Better 2014/07/27 - 12:24pm External Course Decisions, Evidence, Decision Making, Business, Data Science, Experiments
Path to Understanding Effects of Algorithm Awareness 2014/07/27 - 12:19pm External Course Algorithms, Algorithm Awareness
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data 2014/07/27 - 12:17pm External Course Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Text Analysis, Machine Learning
Big Data and the Future of Privacy - Electronic Privacy Information Center April 2014 2014/07/27 - 12:14pm External Course Big Data, Information Privacy Law, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Scaling Big Data Mining Infrastructure - The Twitter Experience 2014/07/27 - 12:11pm Academic Paper Data Mining, Infrastructure, Twitter
Mining of Massive Data Sets 2014/07/27 - 12:07pm External Course Data Mining, Data Mining Applications
Deep Learning - Methods and Applications 2014/07/27 - 12:03pm External Course Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Designing Technology to Restore Privacy 2014/07/19 - 8:58pm Video Information Privacy Law, Privacy
Google I/O 2014 - Keynote 2014/07/19 - 8:56pm Video Google I/O 2014
Big Data and Statisticians, Revisited 2014/07/19 - 8:52pm Video Big Data, Statisticians, Statistical Modeling
Human Side of Big Data and High-Performance Analytics 2014/07/19 - 8:49pm White Paper Big Data, High-Performance Analytics, Advanced Analytics
Big Data Principles and Best Practices 2014/07/19 - 8:46pm White Paper Best Practices, Big Data Principles
MIT Big Data Privacy Workshop 2014 2014/07/19 - 8:44pm White Paper MIT, Big Data Privacy Workshop, Information Privacy Law, Law, Regulation
In-Memory Computing Principles - July 2014 2014/07/19 - 8:42pm Slides In-Memory Computing, Mac Moore, GridGain
Information Theory 2014/07/19 - 8:38pm Slides Information Theory, David MacKay
Introduction To Bayesian Inference 2014/07/19 - 8:35pm Slides Bayesian Inference, Christopher Bishop
Nonparametric Bayesian Models 2014/07/19 - 8:31pm Slides Bayesian, Nonparametrics, Yee Whye Teh
Why Bayesian Nonparametrics? 2014/07/19 - 8:29pm Slides Bayesian, Nonparametrics, Zoubin Ghahramani
Learning About Sensorimotor Data 2014/07/19 - 8:15pm Slides Sensorimotor Data, Richard Sutton
Facebook Experiment Complaint - Federal Trade Commission 2014/07/13 - 5:48pm White Paper Facebook Experiment, Complaint, Federal Trade Commission, Experimentation, Online Experiments, Law, Regulation, Facebook
Theory of Creepy - Technology, Privacy and Shifting Social Norms 2014/07/13 - 5:46pm Academic Paper Privacy, Social Norms, Information Privacy Law, Law, Regulation
Analytically Powered Organization Executive Roundtable Proceedings 2014/07/13 - 5:36pm White Paper Analytically Powered Organization, Executive Roundtable
A 61 Million-person Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization 2014/07/13 - 5:23pm Academic Paper Experiments, Social Influence, Political Mobilization, Social Network Analysis, Contolled Experiments
MillWheel - Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing at Internet Scale 2014/07/13 - 5:20pm Academic Paper MillWheel, Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing, Stream Processing
Smart Machines and the SP Theory of Intelligence 2014/07/13 - 5:17pm Academic Paper Smart Machines, SP Theory of Intelligence, Unsupervised Learning, Veracity, Uncertainty., Gerry Wolff
Information, Compression, Intelligence, Computing and Math 2014/07/13 - 5:14pm Slides Information, Compression, Intelligence, Computing, Math, Gerry Wolff
Using Statistics to Predict AB Testing 2014/07/13 - 5:03pm Video Statistics, AB Testing
Introducing the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC) 2014/07/13 - 5:02pm Video Numenta, Intelligent Computing, NuPIC
Turning Data into Things and Things into Data 2014/07/13 - 5:00pm Video Big Data, Big Data Analysis
Sibyl: A System for Large Scale Machine Learning 2014/07/05 - 12:10pm Video Machine Learning, Sibyl
Data Visualization Best Practices 2014/07/05 - 12:06pm Video Data Visualization
Protection of Human Subjects Law: Title 45 of the US Code of Federal Regulations 2014/07/02 - 9:03pm White Paper Experiments, Online Controlled Experiments, Law, Regulation, Human Research Standards, Protection of Human Subjects Law, Title 45 US Code of Federal Regulations
The International Compilation of Human Research Standards 2014/07/02 - 7:51pm White Paper Experiments, Online Controlled Experiments, Law, Regulation, Human Research Standards
Experimental Evidence of Massive-scale Emotional Contagion through Social Networks 2014/07/01 - 10:25am Academic Paper Ethics, Facebook, Experimentation, Online Controlled Experiments, Emotional Contagion, Social Networks
84th BIS Annual Report - 2013-2014 2014/06/30 - 6:34pm White Paper Bank International Settlements, BIS Annual Report, Economics, Finance
Clustering for High Dimensional Data - Density based Subspace Clustering Algorithms 2014/06/30 - 6:31pm Academic Paper Data Mining, Machine Learning, Clustering, Algorithms, High Dimensional Data, Density Based Clustering, Subspace Clustering
Data Warehouse for Event Streams Violating Rules 2014/06/28 - 2:55pm Academic Paper Data Warehouse, Event Streams, Violating Rules, Data Streams, Drill-down Operation, Aggregation, Data Forensics, Situational Awareness
Classification and Novel Class Detection in Data Streams with Active Mining 2014/06/28 - 2:52pm Academic Paper ActMiner, Data Stream Classification, Classification, Novel Class Detection, Data Streams, Active Mining, Infinite Length, Concept Drift, Concept Evolution
Abstraction in Decision-makers with Limited Information Processing Capabilities 2014/06/28 - 2:48pm Academic Paper Abstractions, Limited Information, Efficient Information Processing
Microstructure of the ‘Flash Crash’ - Flow Toxicity, Liquidity Crashes and the Probability of Informed Trading 2014/06/28 - 2:39pm Academic Paper Finance, Flash Crash, Flow Toxicity, Liquidity Crashes, Informed Trading
NetflixOSS – A Cloud Native Architecture 2014/06/28 - 2:37pm Slides NetflixOSS, Cloud Native Architecture, Cloud Computing
Using a Graph Database to Power the Internet of Things 2014/06/28 - 2:31pm Video Graph Databases, Internet of Things, Graphs
Fraud Detection in Real-Time with Graphs 2014/06/28 - 2:28pm Video Fraud Detection, Real-Time, Graphs
An Adaptive Algorithm for Selecting Profitable Keywords for Search-Based Advertising Services 2014/06/21 - 5:41pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Adaptive Algorithm, Keywords, Search-based Advertising
Visualizing Non-metric Similarities in Multiple Maps 2014/06/21 - 5:37pm Academic Paper Non-metric Similarities, Maps, Multidimensional Scaling, Embedding, Data Visualization