Automated Trading with Boosting and Expert Weighting 2014/01/28 - 11:41am Academic Paper Automated Trading, Boosting, Expert Weighting, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Trading, Algorithms
Using Adaboost for Equity Investment Scorecards 2014/01/28 - 11:38am Academic Paper Adaboost, Boosting, Machine Learning, Finance, Trading
A Full-Featured Enterprise Big Data Analytics Solution 2014/01/28 - 11:14am Video Big Data, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Ecosystem
Real-time Analytics using Cassandra, Spark and Shark 2014/01/28 - 10:59am Video Real-time Analytics, Cassandra, Spark, Shark, Streaming, NoSQL
Improving Within-Network Classification with Local Attributes 2014/01/27 - 11:00am Academic Paper Relational Bayesian Networks, Probabilistic Relational Models, Network Classification, Local Attributes, Machine Learning, Data Science
Linking Network Structure and Diffusion through Stochastic Dominance 2014/01/27 - 10:57am Academic Paper Network Structure, Diffusion, Stochastic Dominance, Machine Learning, Data Science
Random-Walk Computation of Similarities between Nodes of a Graph with Application to Collaborative Recommendation 2014/01/27 - 10:54am Academic Paper Collaborative Recommendation, Pseudoinverse, Laplacian Matrix, Euclidean, Principal Components Analysis, Fiedler Vector, Statistical Relational Learning
Three Paradoxes of Big Data 2014/01/26 - 9:14pm Academic Paper Big Data, Privacy, Data Science, Transparency Paradox, Identity Paradox, Power Paradox
A Link Mining Algorithm for Earnings Forecast and Trading 2014/01/26 - 9:09pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Link Mining Algorithm, Finance, CorpInterlock Algorithm, Social Network, Machine Learning, Computational Finance, Trading Strategies, Data Mining Applications
Scientific Method in Practice - Reproducibility in the Computational Sciences 2014/01/26 - 9:04pm Academic Paper Scientific Method, Reproducibility, Scientific Computing, Machine Learning
Machine Learning for Display Advertising Tutorial 2014/01/26 - 11:18am Slides Machine Learning, Display Advertising
Mixing Probabilities, Priors and Kernels via Entropy Pooling 2014/01/26 - 11:15am Academic Paper Entropy Pooling, Machine Learning, Black-Litterman, Fuzzy Membership, Mahalanobis Distance, Gaussian Kernel, Crisp Conditioning, Exponential Decay, Kernel Smoothing
Predictive Modeling with Social Networks Tutorial 2014/01/25 - 10:56am Slides Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Social Networks, Collective Classification, Collective Inference
Classification in Networked Data 2014/01/25 - 10:50am Academic Paper Classification, Networked Data, NetKit, Relational Learning, Network Learning, Collective Inference, Collective Classification, Probabilistic Relational Models, Network Analysis
Machine Learning and Algorithmic Trading In Fixed Income Markets 2014/01/25 - 10:38am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Algorithms, Trading, Finance
Artificial Neural Networks for Beginners 2014/01/25 - 10:35am External Course Artificial Neural Networks, Neural Networks, Networks, Backpropagation Algorithm, Algorithm, Parallel Distributed Processing
Machine Learning for Portolio Optimization: A Novel Algorithmic Trading Framework 2014/01/25 - 10:30am Academic Paper Algorithm, Machine Learning, Finance, Trading, Portolio Optimization, Automated Trading System, Support Vector Machines, Artificial Neural Networks
PlusCal Algorithm Language 2014/01/24 - 11:23am Academic Paper Algorithm, PlusCal, TLA+, Fast Mutual Exclusion Algorithm, Distributed Message-passing Algorithm, Alternating Bit Protocol
Real-Time Analytical Processing (RTAP) using Spark Stack 2014/01/23 - 11:25pm Video Real-time Analytical Processing, Spark, Big Data, Streaming
Administering Spark 2014/01/23 - 11:20pm Video Spark, Big Data Infrastructure, Streaming
Using Spark and Shark for Fast Cycle Analysis on Diverse Data 2014/01/23 - 11:18pm Video Spark, Shark, Fast Cycle Analysis, Big Data Infrastructure, Streaming
Spark Integration Into Enterprise Big Data Stack 2014/01/23 - 11:14pm Video Spark, Big Data, Big Data Infrastructure, Streaming
Real-time Big Data Processing with Spark Streaming 2014/01/23 - 11:10pm Video Real-Time, Data Processing, Spark, Streaming, Big Data
Bayesian Statistics Tutorial using Python 2014/01/23 - 6:40pm Video Bayesian, Statistics, Python, Bayesian Classifiers
Causal Entropic Forces 2014/01/23 - 10:10am Academic Paper Entropic Forces, Machine Learning, Intelligence, Entropy Maximization, Entropy, Adaptive Behavior
Networking Faster Than Light 2014/01/22 - 7:02pm Video Virtual Worlds, Currency Exchanges, Telepresence, Remote Surgery
An Equation for Intelligence 2014/01/22 - 6:57pm Video Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence
Quantifying Trading Behavior in Financial Markets Using Google Trends 2014/01/20 - 10:29pm Academic Paper Data Science, Big Data, Financial Markets, Predictive Analytics, Search Volume, Data Mining, Google Trends, Computational Social Science, Digital Traces, Dow Jones Industrial Average
Model Selection Using Database Characteristics: Developing a Classification Tree for Longitudinal Incidence Data 2014/01/20 - 10:20pm Academic Paper Data Science, Business Intelligence, Model Selection, Machine Learning, Classification Tree, Posterior Predictive Model Checking, Hidden Markov Models, Hierarchical Bayesian Methods, Random Forests, Forecasting
Quantitative Legal Prediction 2014/01/20 - 11:17am Academic Paper Legal Services, Predictive Analytics, e-Discovery, Legal Prediction
Study: Big Data Investment, Skills, and Firm Value 2014/01/19 - 11:08am Academic Paper ROI, Big Data Investment, Skills, Firm Value, Big Data, Data Science
Measuring Business Impacts of Effective Data 2014/01/19 - 11:05am White Paper ROI, Big Data, Data Science, Marketing, Sales
Marketing ROI in Era of Big Data 2014/01/19 - 11:02am Academic Paper Marketing, ROI, Big Data, Data Science
Maximizing the Impact and Effectiveness of HR Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes 2014/01/19 - 10:53am Academic Paper HR Analytics, Human Resources, Data Science, Big Data
Transparent Predictions 2014/01/18 - 12:01pm Academic Paper Prediction, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Law, Privacy, Regulation
Algorithmic Progress in Six Domains 2014/01/17 - 9:58am Academic Paper Algorithm, Machine Learning, Boolean Satisfiability, Artificial Intelligence
Building Brains to Understand the World's Data 2014/01/17 - 9:54am Video Machine Learning, Brain, Artificial Intelligence
Mechanization of Causal Inference: A "mini" Turing Test and Beyond 2014/01/17 - 9:47am Video Causal Inference, Turing Test
Efficient Analysis of Probabilistic Programs with an Unbounded Counter 2014/01/16 - 7:15pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Probabilistic Programs, Unbounded Counter, Probabilistic Logic
Random Forest & Decision Trees using R 2014/01/16 - 7:10pm Slides Random Forests, Decision Trees, R Language
Decisive Markov Chains 2014/01/15 - 10:43am Academic Paper Markov, Markov Chains, Decisive Markov Chains, Infinite Markov Chains, Verification, Model Checking, Probabilistic Lossy Channel Systems, Probabilistic Vector Addition Systems, Probabilistic Noisy Turing Machines
Reversible Markov Chains 2014/01/15 - 10:37am Academic Paper Markov, Markov Chains, Reversible Markov Chains
Decision Theory - Language of Adaptive Agent Software 2014/01/14 - 12:36pm Slides Decision Theory, Adaptive Agent Software
Instance-Based Ontological Knowledge Acquisition 2014/01/13 - 10:08am Academic Paper Ontological Knowledge Acquisition, Semi-automatic Ontology Integration Framework, Linked Open Data, Web Ontology Language
BIIIG: Enabling Business Intelligence with Integrated Instance Graphs 2014/01/12 - 11:53am Academic Paper Business Intelligence, Integrated Instance Graphs, Graphical Models, Visualization, Interactive Visual Analysis
Runtime Analysis of Probabilistic Programs with Unbounded Recursion 2014/01/12 - 11:49am Academic Paper Probabilistic Programs, Unbounded Recursion, Probabilistic Pushdown Automata, Markov, Recursive Markov Chains
ConnectomeExplorer: Query-Guided Visual Analysis of Large Volumetric Neuroscience Data 2014/01/11 - 2:05pm Academic Paper Neuroscience, ConnectomeExplorer, Query-Guided Visual Analysis, Interactive Visual Analysis, Brain, 3D Objects, Connectomics, Query Algebra, Visual Knowledge Discovery, Petascale Volume Analysis
Large-Scale Automatic Reconstruction of Neuronal Processes from Electron Microscopy Images 2014/01/11 - 1:48pm Academic Paper Neurons, Neuroscience, Random Forest, Conditional Random Field Framework, 3D Objects, Segmentation Fusion, Automatic Segmentation, Brain Imaging, Automatic Image Acquisition
Open Connectome Project Data Cluster - Scalable Analysis and Vision for High-Throughput Neuroscience 2014/01/11 - 1:32pm Academic Paper Neuroscience, Open Connectome Project, Scalable Database Cluster, Spatial Analysis, Brain Imaging Data, Time-series Data, Multi-channel Data, Distributed Databases, Scientific Databases, Connectomics
Building High-level Features using Large Scale Unsupervised Learning 2014/01/11 - 12:58pm Academic Paper Unsupervised Learning, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Class-specific Feature Detectors, Algorithm, Unlabeled Data, Self-taught Learning Framework, High-level Features