Mining the Web to Predict Future Events 2014/02/21 - 6:26am Academic Paper Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Algorithms, Experimentation, News Corpora, Predicting Future News, Artificial Intelligence
Combinatorial Approaches to Clustering and Feature Selection 2014/02/21 - 6:23am Academic Paper Clustering, Feature Selection, Search, High-dimensional Data Sets, Curse of Dimensionality
Coordinate - Probabilistic Forecasting of Presence and Availability 2014/02/20 - 11:14am Academic Paper Predictive Analytics, Probabilistic Logic, Forecasting, Bayesian Forecasting Service
The New Rules of Robot/Human Society 2014/02/19 - 12:36pm Video Robotics, Social Science
BigQuery, IPython, Pandas and R for Data Science 2014/02/19 - 12:31pm Video Python, BigQuery, IPython, Pandas, R, Data Science
Data Science and Smart Systems 2014/02/19 - 12:27pm Video Data Science, Smart Systems
Exploring Compact Reinforcement-learning Representations with Linear Regression 2014/02/19 - 9:34am Academic Paper Algorithms, Online Linear Regression, Reinforcement-learning Representations, Machine Learning, KWIK Framework.
Bayesian Inference, Entropy and the Multinomial Distribution 2014/02/18 - 8:50am Academic Paper Bayesian Inference, Entropy, Multinomial Distribution, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Densities, Evidence Scores., Markov Chains
Exploring High-dimensional Classification Boundaries 2014/02/16 - 12:03pm Academic Paper Classification, Classification Algorithms, Classification Boundaries, GGobi, R
Computing Immutable Regions for Subspace Top-k Queries 2014/02/16 - 12:00pm Academic Paper Time Series, State Space Time Series, K-subspace Algorithm, Multi-Dimensional Time-Series, Top-k Queries
Mining Approximate Top-K Subspace Anomalies in Multi-Dimensional Time-Series Data 2014/02/16 - 11:57am Academic Paper Time Series, State Space Time Series, K-subspace Algorithm, Top-K Subspace Anomalies, Multi-Dimensional Time-Series
Practical Tools for Exploring Data and Models - Slides 2014/02/16 - 11:52am Slides Data Reshaping, Data Visualization, Data Exploration
Practical Tools for Exploring Data and Models 2014/02/16 - 11:50am Academic Paper Data Reshaping, Data Visualization, Data Exploration
Artificial Life - The Coming Evolution 2014/02/16 - 11:47am Academic Paper Chaos Theory, Complexity Theory, Artificial Life, Cellular Automata
Reshaping Data with the Reshape Package for R 2014/02/15 - 10:34am Academic Paper Data Reshaping, R, Contingency Table, Tabulation, Aggregation
GGobi Package Meifly - Exploratory Model Analysis 2014/02/15 - 10:31am External Course Meifly, Exploratory Model Analysis, Graphics, Data Analysis, R, GGobi, Data Exploration, Data Modeling
Introduction to Rggobi 2014/02/15 - 10:28am External Course Rggobi, Graphics, Data Analysis, R, GGobi, Data Exploration, Data Modeling
Graphics for Data Analysis Interactive and Dynamic with R and GGobi 2014/02/15 - 10:26am External Course Big Data Infrastructure, Graphics, Data Analysis, R, GGobi, Data Exploration, Data Modeling
Invention of the First Wearable Computer 2014/02/15 - 10:23am Academic Paper Wearable Computer, Edward Thorp, Predictive Analytics, Gambling
Disagreement and Asset Prices 2014/02/15 - 10:20am Academic Paper Finance, Economics, Asset Prices, Rational Expectations, Expected Returns, Volatility, Trading Volume
Which News Moves Stock Prices - A Textual Analysis 2014/02/15 - 10:16am Academic Paper Finance, Economics, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining, Text Analysis, Sentiment Analysis
The Recovery Theorem 2014/02/15 - 10:13am Academic Paper Finance, Recovery Theorem, Predictive Analytics, Probabilistic Logic, Pricing Kernel, Market Risk Premium
The Other Side of Value - The Gross Profitability Premium 2014/02/15 - 10:06am Academic Paper Finance, Economics, Profitability, Value Premium, Factor Models, Asset Pricing
Market Expectations in the Cross Section of Present Values 2014/02/14 - 8:15am Academic Paper Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Finance, Disaggregated Valuation Ratios, Dynamic Latent Factor, Regression-based Filter
Online Personal Data Processing and EU Data Protection Reform 2014/02/14 - 8:10am Academic Paper Privacy, Law, Regulation, Data Broker
What Information do Data Brokers Have on Consumers 2014/02/14 - 8:07am White Paper Data Broker, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Review of the Data Broker Industry 2014/02/14 - 8:04am White Paper Data Broker, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Small Data in Sports: Little Differences Mean Big Outcomes 2014/02/13 - 7:10pm Video Data Science, Big Data, Sports
Conditional Risk Premia in Currency Markets and Other Asset Classes 2014/02/13 - 10:27am Academic Paper Finance, Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Risk Premia, Currency Markets, Carry Trade, Commodity Basis, Downside Risk, Equity Cross Section
A Mathematical Theory of Communication 2014/02/13 - 10:24am Academic Paper Information Entropy, Information Redundancy, Logarithmic Measures, Communication Theory, Turbo Codes, Modified LDPC Codes
Survey of Outlier Detection Methodologies 2014/02/12 - 10:14am Academic Paper Outlier, Novelty, Anomaly, Noise, Deviation, Detection, Recognition
Visual Discovery Tools - Market Segmentation and Product Positioning 2014/02/12 - 10:09am White Paper Visual Discovery Tools, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence
Agent-based Financial Markets - Matching Stylized Facts With Style 2014/02/12 - 10:06am Academic Paper Agent-based Model, Multi-Agent System, Finance, Computational Finance, Macroeconomics, Volatility, Excess Kurtosis, Conditional Heteroscedasticity
A Scheme for Automation of Telecom Data Processing for Business Application 2014/02/11 - 9:59am Academic Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Comma Separated value, CSV, Database Management System, Extract Transform and Loading, ETL, Parser, SQL Server Integration Service, SSIS
A Framework for Business Intelligence Application using Ontological Classification 2014/02/10 - 9:56am Academic Paper Data Science, Business Intelligence, Ontology, Classification, Datamining, Inverted Index, Ontology Tree Index
Neural correlates of the psychedelic state as determined by fMRI studies with psilocybin 2014/02/10 - 9:52am Academic Paper Brain, Brain Imaging, Neurons, Neuroscience, Default Mode Network, Hallucinogens, Serotonin, 5-HT2A Receptor, Neuropsychopharmacology, Functional MRI
A/B Tests and Online Controlled Experiments 2014/02/09 - 1:23pm Slides Data Science, A/B Tests, Online Controlled Experiments, Contolled Experiments, Experimentation
HyperLogLog - Analysis of a Near-optimal Cardinality Estimation Algorithm 2014/02/09 - 1:20pm Academic Paper Big Data Infrastructure, Logs, Cardinality Estimation Algorithm, Algorithms
Achieving Insights from Data and Analytics 2014/02/09 - 1:17pm White Paper Big Data, Survey, Business Intelligence, Data Science
Proactive Wrangling - Mixed-Initiative End-User Programming of Data Transformation Scripts 2014/02/09 - 1:14pm Academic Paper Data Transformation, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis
Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata 2014/02/09 - 1:06pm Academic Paper Pattern Formation, Discrete Models, Dynamic Systems, Computational Theory, Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Geometry from a Time Series 2014/02/09 - 12:53pm Academic Paper Time Patterns, Delay Embedding Theorems, Time Series, Finance, Trading, Stocks, Takens Theorem, Chaos Theory, Chaotic Dynamical System
A MapReduce based distributed SVM algorithm for binary classification 2014/02/08 - 10:45am Academic Paper Algorithms, MapReduce, SVM Algorithm, Binary Classification, Support Vector Machine, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing
Mandelbrot Makes Sense - Theory of Misbehavior of Markets 2014/02/08 - 10:42am White Paper Mandelbrot, Finance, Fractal Geometry
Mandelbrot and the Stable Paretian Hypothesis 2014/02/08 - 10:35am Academic Paper Mandelbrot, Stable Paretian Hypothesis, Infinite Markov Chains, Quantitative Finance
Multifractal Model of Asset Returns 2014/02/08 - 10:33am Academic Paper Mandelbrot, Finance, Multifractal, Asset Returns, Long Tails, Levy-stable Distributions, Fractional Brownian Motion
Mandelbrot's Fractal Geometry 2014/02/08 - 10:29am Slides Mandelbrot, Fractal Geometry
The Mandelbrot Set and Associated Julia Sets 2014/02/08 - 10:26am Slides Mandelbrot, Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set, Parameter Plane
Approximation of mixed order Sobolev functions on the d-torus Asymptotics, preasymptotics and d-dependence 2014/02/08 - 10:10am Academic Paper Data Science, Approximation Numbers, Sobolev Spaces of Mixed Smoothness, Rate of Convergence, Preasymptotics, d-dependence, Quasi-polynomial Tractability
Finiteness of Variance Is Irrelevant in the Practice of Quantitative Finance 2014/02/08 - 10:05am Academic Paper Finance, Power Laws, Derivatives Theory, Trading, Data Science, Variance, Quantitative Finance, Finite Variance, Dynamic Hedging, Pareto-Lévy-Mandelbrot Stable Regime