Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Manipulation - Video 2016/10/08 - 11:59am Video Deep Reinforcement Learning, Robotic Manipulation
Evolving Functional Programming Languages 2016/10/08 - 11:55am Slides Programming Languages
Staging Reactive Data Pipelines Using Kafka as Backbone 2016/10/08 - 11:53am Slides Reactive Data Pipelines, Kafka, Data Pipelines
Netty - Asynchronous Network Application Framework 2016/10/08 - 11:51am Slides Netty, Asynchronous Network Application Framework
Playing FPS Games with Deep Reinforcement Learning 2016/10/06 - 9:25am Academic Paper Deep Reinforcement Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Autonomous Agents
Making Sense of Recommendations 2016/10/06 - 9:19am Academic Paper Recommendation Engines, Recommendations, Classification Algorithms
Prediction Policy Problems 2016/10/06 - 9:18am Academic Paper Policy Prediction Models, Prediction, Policy
Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trades 2016/10/06 - 9:15am Academic Paper Trading, Finance, Law, Regulation, Political Connections, Insider Trading
The Kelly Criterion in Blackjack Sports Betting, and the Stock Market 2016/10/06 - 9:12am White Paper Ed Thorp, Probabilistic Logic, Information Theory, Kelly Criterion, Blackjack, Sports Betting, Stock Market, Trading, Finance
SEC Order Approving the National Market System Plan to Implement a Tick 2016/10/06 - 9:09am White Paper Finance, Trading, Regulation, Law, SEC, National Market System
Google's Neural Machine Translation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation 2016/10/01 - 1:44pm Academic Paper Neural Machine Translation System, Machine Translation, Machine Learning Use Cases, Machine Learning, Automated Translation, Recurrent Neural Network, Long Short Term Memory, LSTM
Task Specific Adversarial Cost Function 2016/10/01 - 1:38pm Academic Paper Task Specific Adversarial Cost Function, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, Retrieval
Classifying Options for Deep Reinforcement Learning 2016/10/01 - 1:35pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning
Towards Deep Symbolic Reinforcement Learning 2016/10/01 - 1:31pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Symbolic Reinforcement Learning, Deep Neural Network Learning
The Dataflow Model - A Practical Approach to Balancing Correctness, Latency, and Cost in Massive-Scale, Unbounded, Out-of-Order Data Processing 2016/09/24 - 1:27pm Academic Paper Dataflow Model, Out-of-Order Data Processing, Data Processing, Data Streams
Kappa Architecture - Pros and Cons 2016/09/24 - 1:24pm Slides Kappa Architecture, Real Time Stream Processing Systems, Data Streams
The Natural Selection of Bad Science 2016/09/24 - 1:22pm Academic Paper Bad Science, Data Science Code of Professional Conduct
Sonora - A Platform for Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing 2016/09/24 - 1:20pm Academic Paper Sonora, Continuous Mobile-Cloud Computing, Data Streams
Photon - Fault-tolerant and Scalable Joining of Continuous Data Streams 2016/09/24 - 1:17pm Academic Paper Photon, Continuous Data Streams, Data Streams
Muppet - MapReduce-Style Processing of Fast Data 2016/09/24 - 1:13pm Academic Paper Muppet, MapReduce, Data Streams
IBM InfoSphere Streams for Scalable, Real-Time, Intelligent Transportation Services 2016/09/24 - 1:12pm Academic Paper IBM, InfoSphere, Data Streams, Transportation Services
S4 - Distributed Stream Computing Platform 2016/09/24 - 12:46pm Academic Paper S4, Distributed Stream Computing Platform, Data Streams
FlumeJava - Easy, Efficient Data-Parallel Pipelines 2016/09/24 - 12:42pm Academic Paper FlumeJava, Data-Parallel Pipelines, Big Data Pipelines
MillWheel - Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing at Internet Scale 2016/09/24 - 12:40pm Academic Paper MillWheel, Stream Processing, Internet Scale, Fault-Tolerant Stream Processing
One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence - 2016 2016/09/24 - 12:33pm White Paper Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning
Extreme Machine Learning with GPUs 2016/09/20 - 3:10pm Slides Machine Learning, GPU
Bidding Strategies for Display Advertising: How to Avoid Boiling the Ocean 2016/09/20 - 3:06pm Slides Bidding Strategies, Display Advertising
Landmark Recognition Using Machine Learning 2016/09/20 - 3:03pm Academic Paper Landmark Recognition, Machine Learning
Data Science for Data-Driven Application Systems in the Internet of Things 2016/09/20 - 2:52pm Slides Data-Driven Application Systems, Internet of Things
The Trouble With Macroeconomics 2016/09/20 - 2:20pm Academic Paper Macroeconomics
Future Directions of AI in the Enterprise - Slides 2016/09/20 - 2:16pm Slides Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, AI
D-Wave's Approach to Quantum Computing: Past, Present, and Future 2016/09/20 - 12:58pm Video D-Wave, Quantum Computing
Future of Cognitive Computing 2016/09/20 - 12:54pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 4 2016/09/20 - 12:52pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 3 2016/09/20 - 12:51pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 2 2016/09/20 - 12:50pm Video Cognitive Computing
Examples of Cognitive Computing - Part 1 2016/09/20 - 12:48pm Video Cognitive Computing
NoSQL vs. RDBMS | HBase vs. Cassandra vs. MongoDB 2016/09/20 - 12:46pm Video NoSQL, RDBMS, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB
Driving High Frequency Trading and Compliance with In Memory Computing 2016/09/20 - 12:43pm Video HFT, High Frequency Trading, Compliance, In Memory Computing
Super Power Cassandra for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain 2016/09/20 - 12:41pm Video Cassandra, OLTP Workloads, GridGain
Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the National Football League 2016/09/13 - 2:47pm Academic Paper Overconfidence, Market Efficiency, National Football League, NFL, Decision Making, Agency Decisionmaking
Comparative Evaluation of Spark and Flink (Stratosphere) 2016/09/13 - 2:43pm White Paper Spark, Flink, Stratosphere
Intelligent Technology 2016/09/10 - 1:15pm White Paper Intelligent Technology, Augmented Intelligence, Intelligent Machines
Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus at Uber 2016/09/10 - 1:14pm Academic Paper Consumer Surplus, Uber, Economics, Data Analysis
Big Data’s Big Muscle 2016/09/10 - 1:12pm White Paper Big Data Analysis, Data Analytics
The Case for an Unmanaged Investment Company 2016/09/10 - 1:10pm Academic Paper Fianance, Portfolio Management, Investment, Index Funds
The Dark Side of Technology 2016/09/10 - 1:08pm White Paper Technology, Data Disclosure
The Queen of Numbers 2016/09/10 - 1:07pm White Paper Lucrezia Reichlin, Forecasting, Predictive Algorithms, Predictive Analytics
Step by Step Guide to the Black-Litterman Model 2016/09/03 - 1:39pm Academic Paper Black-Litterman Model
FaceNet - A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering 2016/09/03 - 1:37pm Academic Paper FaceNet, Face Recognition, Clustering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning