Behavioral Sciences

The Cost-Benefit Fallacy: Why Cost-Benefit Analysis Is Broken and How to Fix It

DSA ADS Course - 2022

Cost-benefit Analysis, Cost-benefit Fallacy, Public Investment Planning, Forecasting, Resource Allocation, Behavioral Science

Discuss cost-benefit analysis, cost-benefit fallacy, public investment planning, forecasting, resource allocation, welfare economics, behavioral science and behavioral economics.

What if scenario estimates are highly inaccurate and biased? What are potential costs of scenario inaccuracies seriously distorting effective resource allocation?

Mindspace: Influencing Behavior Through Public Policy

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Influencing Behavior, Public Policy, Psychological Science, Nudge Theory, Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Theory

May, 2009 UK government document on influencing public behavior through public policy. This type of government psychological and behavioral science techniques executed and directed on unsuspected public is controversial and ethically dubious. It may be illegal and unconstitutional in certain nation states. Consideration when government partners with private business or organizations to achieve same goals?