A Hidden Markov Model of Customer Relationship Dynamics: DSA ADS Course - 2023

DSA ADS Course - 2023

This DSA ADS course is part of a series of courses that demonstrate how to use applied data science with high performance compute and high quality data to optimize decision making in real world scenarios.

Discuss enabling marketers to dynamically segment their customer base and to examine methods by which the firm can alter long-term buying behavior.

Discuss dynamics of customer relationships using typical transaction data.

A/B Testing for Marketing Optimization

DSA ADS Course - 2022

A/B Testing

Discuss A/B testing, A/B testing fallacies, marketing optimization, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, resource allocation, scenario planning, behavioral science and behavioral economics.

What if A/B testing methods are highly inaccurate and biased? What are potential costs of A/B testing inaccuracies seriously distorting marketing optimization and effective resource allocation?

Discuss methods and techniques to mitigate risks of serious A/B testing inaccuracies and suboptimal marketing strategies and tactics.