Psychological Science

Mindspace: Influencing Behavior Through Public Policy

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Influencing Behavior, Public Policy, Psychological Science, Nudge Theory, Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Theory

May, 2009 UK government document on influencing public behavior through public policy. This type of government psychological and behavioral science techniques executed and directed on unsuspected public is controversial and ethically dubious. It may be illegal and unconstitutional in certain nation states. Consideration when government partners with private business or organizations to achieve same goals?

They Blinded Us From Science - Misperceptions of COVID19 Risk

August, 2020


The first round of our Franklin Templeton–Gallup Economics of Recovery Study has already yielded three powerful and surprising insights:

1. Americans still misperceive the risks of death from COVID-19 for different age cohorts— to a shocking extent;

2. The misperception is greater for those who identify as Democrats, and for those who rely more on social media for information; partisanship and misinformation, to misquote Thomas Dolby, are blinding us from science; and