Insights of four Colorado Big Data experts

I just returned from the January, 2014 Meetup of the Boulder/Denver Big Data Meetup group. They stumbled into an amazing format. When they had to postpone their original speaker for a few months, they arranged with four execs, engineers and data scientists from Boulder and Denver companies involved in Big Data and Data Science to each give a 20 minute presentation, followed by a 20 minute roundtable.

Corrgram: Multi-variate visualization

Corrgrams, invented and coined by Michael Friendly in his 2002 American Statistician paper are a powerful and rapid way to visualize a dozen or more dimensions simultaneously when in the exploratory phase of multi-variate analysis. (Note that Corrgrams are sometimes erroneously referred to as Correlograms, which are something completely different for time series analysis.)

The Best Data Scientists are Creative

Creativity is the most important trait to look for in data scientists. Data, technology and skills are just the foundation. Competitive advantages result from creative data scientists, not "big data" or technologies or math and statistical skills.


At data science competition site Kaggle, those who do well “spend all their time being creative” as they comb through and pull ideas out of the data.