Rmux: Redis Connection Pooler and Multiplexer

Rmux is a Redis connection pooler and multiplexer, written in Go. Rmux is meant to be used for LAMP stacks, or other short-lived process applications, with high request volume. It should be run as a client, on every server that connects to redis - to reduce the total inbound connection count to the redis servers, while handle consistent multiplexing.


Gordon Moore Foundation Giving USD $1.5 Million to Data Scientists

Moore’s new law is that big data will lead to big science. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation plans to give USD $1.5 million grants (in $200 000 to $300 000 yearly installments) to 15 worthy interdisciplinary scientists who can develop and use new algorithms, machine learning techniques, and other data-intensive science tricks to turn huge volumes of data into amazing scientific discoveries.

Data Engineering is the foundation of the "big data" buzz.

If you are a well read professional, chances are you are well aware of the big data era. But still to provide a background, here is how I define the big data age :

  "With the recent advancement in the way we store,manage and process data, Companies can afford to get deeper insights in their data at the same or rather less cost than a decade ago."

Real-time data science

Looking back on 2013, the world of Hadoop emerged from the era of batch processing and into streaming processing. In the context of "crisp and actionable," actionable often comes with an expiration date. If you don't take action soon enough, it's too late.