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The Best Data Scientists are Creative

Creativity is the most important trait to look for in data scientists. Data, technology and skills are just the foundation. Competitive advantages result from creative data scientists, not "big data" or technologies or math and statistical skills.


At data science competition site Kaggle, those who do well “spend all their time being creative” as they comb through and pull ideas out of the data.

Gordon Moore Foundation Giving USD $1.5 Million to Data Scientists

Moore’s new law is that big data will lead to big science. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation plans to give USD $1.5 million grants (in $200 000 to $300 000 yearly installments) to 15 worthy interdisciplinary scientists who can develop and use new algorithms, machine learning techniques, and other data-intensive science tricks to turn huge volumes of data into amazing scientific discoveries.

Top 5 Big Data Trends for Major Enterprise Projects

1. The hybrid data cloud.
2. Mobility is driving big data investment.
3. Big data can surround and enhance existing applications.
4. Internet of Things will make current big data projects look like small stuff.
5. Big innovation is coming to the front end of the data spectrum.