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Ethermap - Real-time Collaborative, Version Controlled Map Editor

Ethermap is a real-time collaborative map editor allowing:

  • synchronization of geoobjects between all clients
  • visual highlights of changes creating user-awareness
  • watching other users or show their current workarea
  • basic feature version control (browse older revisions and revert changes)
  • communicating about specific features within the chat

See: http://bit.ly/1wkOjpk

The Big Data Supply Chain and Data Science Management

The Big Data Supply Chain and Data Science Management is an innovative approach to managing an organization's data. While large and diverse data sets may be turned into an asset, there is no general consensus on how to manage and address everyone's needs. Traditional data strategies assume data is created, distributed, and consumed within an organization's four walls. 


HyperDex is a modern NoSQL store offering ACID transactions, schema-less documents, a rich API, strong consistency guarantees and fault tolerance.  It keeps all data sharded across a collection of machines, and uses novel techniques to coordinate the data on this cluster to provide its features.


SharedHashFile is a lightweight NoSQL key value store / hash table, & a zero-copy IPC queue library written in C for Linux. There is no server process. Data is read and written directly from/to shared memory or SSD; no sockets are used between SharedHashFile and the application program. APIs for C, C++, & nodejs.