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Cassius is a clojure wrapper around cassandra's thrift interface. It treats cassandra as a big mutable nested hashmap and provides the following abstractions:

  • cassandra data and schema can be represented as values and clojure maps.
  • keyspaces, column families, rows and columns can be abstracted as nested map layers
  • supercolumns are just one extra level of nesting

The library has been used for both mocking and for higher level abstractions on top of cassandra. 

Smart Cities Use Data Science

Information-based solutions are emerging as a necessary alternative that are truly impacting the lives of citizens. By working with virtual tools such as big data, analytics, and forecasting, cities are discovering they can solve real problems, faster and cheaper than ever before. This approach is winning out thanks to the maturation and convergence of three technologies: 

Law and Ethics of Online Human Subject Experiments

Facebook data scientists recently conducted an online experiment on 689,003 unknowing Facebook users - likely including children under the age of 18 - to see if it could manipulate and change user emotions. One group had positive words like “love” and “nice” filtered out of their News Feeds. Another group had negative words like “hurt” and “nasty” filtered.