5G and Pervasive Connectivity

5G and the Internet of Things is now just starting to be developed at scale. We are about to enter a new age of pervasive connectivity and ubiquitous computing where technology recedes into the background of our lives. The new architecture will be invisible, quiet and a calm extension of human intelligence that informs but doesn't demand our focus or attention. 

Computers will vanish into the background - into the infrastructure of everyday life where everything is connected and devices work in concert to support people using data and artificial intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices. The networked devices will be integrated into an intelligent service system providing personalized, adaptive and anticipatory services.

Nanotechnology, smart devices and sensors will create smart data platforms with high performance data processing and advanced analytics providing high value information via human-centric computer interfaces. It will produce massive amounts of data and new legal architectures will be needed to protect personal privacy, human rights and civil liberties. Professional data scientists will be among the architects to help ensure a better future.