Data Scientists vs. Other Professions

Economists apply theory to complex reality yet fail to accurately interpret the past attempting to forecast the future.

Lawyers define and manipulate words yet fail to define justice within legal architectures.

Physicians apply medical science to cure disease yet fail to define health and accept unknown unknowns.

Accountants count yet fail to calculate future uncertainty.

Mathematicians apply logic yet fail to factor human fallibility.

Psychologists apply academic theory to complex human behavior yet fail to understand their own minds.

Politicians pander to the hopes and dreams of constituents yet fail to lead with policies that improve life.

Academic researchers create theories that work in a controlled artificial environment yet fail in the real world.

Statisticians calculate probabilities yet fail to imagine and define extreme events to avoid catastrophic risks.

Financial advisors apply modern portfolio theory to complex financial markets yet fail to outperform low cost index funds.

Data engineers apply computer science to build and run data technologies yet fail to understand how to interpret data.

Data analysts analyze descriptive data to understand the past yet fail to understand complexity, strategy and probability theory to achieve future goals.

Data scientists apply conceptual frameworks to interpret data, understand complexity to define appropriate strategic goals, and compute tactical probabilities to mitigate risks while adapting to real-time data to achieve specific goals.

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