December 15, 2013

Data Science Association Announcements

The Data Science Association now has 821 members! Network, make new friends and share ideas.


Join us Tuesday January 14 @6:15pm MST for Adding Predictive Analytics to Existing BI Team & Random Forest and Cart Decision Trees using R at the University of Colorado Denver. NOTE: For folks unable to attend in person register and we will email you a livestream link 2 hours prior to event. Register @


Check out the Data Science Association Resources Page for access to data science professional papers. Here are some of the most popular papers:

Check out videos, slides and pictures for the December 10 event:†Sequencing the Human Genome & Personalized Medicine & Bioinformatics at the University of Colorado School of Public Health: See:


The DSA is considering a Data Science Forum & Vail Ski Retreat for March, 2014. Please spend 30 seconds to take the Survey to help us determine level of interest @

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We urge you to start your own personal data science blog @ Great way to share ideas, network and demonstrate your data science acumen.


The following are featured DSA blog posts:


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