Dynamic Task Allocation Method of Swarm Robots Based on Optimal Mass Transport Theory

October, 2020


It is difficult for swarm robots to allocate tasks efficiently by self-organization in a dynamic unknown environment. The computational cost of swarm robots will be significantly increased for large-scale tasks, and the unbalanced task allocation of robots will also lead to a decrease in system efficiency. To address these issues, we propose a dynamic task allocation method of swarm robots based on optimal mass transport theory. The problem of large-scale tasks is solved by grouping swarm robots to complete regional tasks. The task reallocation mechanism realizes the balanced task allocation of individual robots. This paper solves the symmetric assignment between robot and task and between the robot groups and the regional tasks. Our simulation and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can make the swarm robots self-organize to allocate large-scale dynamic tasks effectively. The tasks can also be balanced allocated to each robot in the swarm of robots.

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