Evolutionary Finance, Simulations and the Agent-Based Approach - DSA ADS Course - 2023

DSA ADS Course - 2023

This DSA ADS course is part of a series of courses that demonstrate how to use applied data science with high performance compute and high quality data to optimize decision making in real world investing / trading scenarios.

Discuss experiments in evolution and learning as applied to financial markets: descriptive, individual decision, and field experiments.

Discuss how agent-based simulations of financial markets can create a deeper understanding of market dynamics, disclose probability based scenarios, and optimize decision making in real world investing / trading scenarios.

Discuss how small controlled experiments complement other methods in identifying causal relationships and measuring behavioral deviations from theoretical predictions.

Discuss new methods of empirical analysis, and the development of new mathematical and computational tools. 

Discuss new conceptual paradigms such as network theory, behavioral economics and agent-based modeling, and empirically grounded by laboratory experiments and micro data.

Discuss practical simulations and new paradigms within finance: Evolutionary Finance; Behavioral Finance; and the Agent-Based Approach. Review traditional theory vs. new paradigms.

Discuss building the foundations of a new data science paradigm within finance: Agent-based models that simulate financial markets by replicating the behavior of individual agents and their interactions - designing / executing small controlled experiments of investment / trading strategies in financial markets - and applying machine learning to continuously improve investment / trading strategies.

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