Great Leaders vs. Great Test Takers

Modern day concepts of "intelligence" and "meritocracy" appear to be based on a single test taking metric. Those who excel at test taking gain entrance into purported "elite" institutions and thus have a "moral" and "merit" based mandate to lead. Yet strong reality based evidence suggests those with superior test taking ability are NOT most fit to command public and private organizations. Real world experience casts doubt on current notions of "meritocracy" and the modern day leadership class has lost the mandate of the heavens. Many august institutions are becoming dysfunctional and the rot unacceptable.

The idea that superior test taking ability is a true measure of superior "intelligence" has failed. Modern science has detected many different forms of intelligence and exposes the inability to define or measure a single metric of intelligence. Recent work in artificial intelligence suggests new forms of intelligence not accessible to human creation or understanding. Moreover, the theory that a single metric of "intelligence" can define "meritocracy" to select an elite leadership class was always a dubious proposition that reality has falsified.

We all know that true merit is earned from real world achievement. The fraudulent meritocracy we have today has produced suboptimal leadership. We need a different method to select our leaders in both public and private institutions. We deserve better.

What is to be done?