Help Shape Curricula for Training Future Data Scientists

Dear Colleagues:

We respectfully request that you take some time to complete the online survey at

The Oceans of Data Institute (ODI) is collecting data to establish an occupational profile for the "big-data-enabled specialist."

ODI is working to prepare students for their futures in a data-infused society and workplace. An occupational profile specifies the tasks and duties performed by practitioners in a specific line of work, as well as the skills, knowledge, tools and behaviors needed for success. ODI will use the profile in curriculum development, and the profile can also be of use to employers in hiring, reviewing and mentoring.

ODI asks for 45-60 minutes of your time, to fill out an online survey.  For each of the tasks in the profile, for example “Determines level of confidence in results,” you will be asked to rate how important the task is and estimate how often you perform the task. You will also provide input as to specific skills, tools, knowledge, and behaviors or attributes (e.g. Curious, patient) are important for future big-data-enabled specialists to have.

If you have ever been frustrated that kids coming up out of the education system don’t have the skills or habits of mind you seek in your employees or graduate students, here is your chance to do something about it. To access the survey go to:

Thank you,

Data Science Association Team