Kafka 1.0 - New Release

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform for publishing and subscribing, storing, and processing streaming data at scale and in real-time. It has become an awesome tool for a durable system of data collection platforms.

The new release (Kafka 1.0.0) provides the following enhancements:

  • The builder API (KIP-120) is improved. A new API has been added to expose the state of active tasks at runtime (KIP-130). The new cogroup API makes it much easier to deal with partitioned aggregates with fewer StateStores and fewer moving parts in your code (KIP-150). Debuggability gets easier with enhancements to the print() and writeAsText() methods (KIP-160).
  • Improvements to metrics with (KIP-196) -  new health check metrics (KIP-188) - global topic and partition count (KIP-168). 
  • New support for Java 9 with faster TLS and CRC32C implementations.
  • Improved security where KIP-152 cleans up the error handling on Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL) authentication attempts.
  • Improved toleration of disk failures - single disk failure in a JBOD broker will not bring the entire broker down; rather, the broker will continue serving any log files that remain on functioning disks.

Check out new tutorial videos here.