March 8, 2015

Data Science Association Announcements

The Data Science Association and Big Data in Denver seek members for the Machine Learning Contest Executive Committee. Members will help run the contest, plan the Award Ceremony and participate in judging the submitted apps. You will get inside knowledge on the latest machine learning techniques and mobile app development. Please click here and send us a message if interested (may participate from any location virtually).

The Machine Learning Contest is on and contestants may still register to compete @


Event: Dan's Machine Learning Class on Linux  - Palo Alto - March 8, 2015.

Event: Python Data Analytics: Class Demo Day - New York City - March 9, 2015.

Event: Relational to Graph: A Worked Example - London - March 10, 2015.

Event: Jonathan Mugan on Deep Learning - Austin, TX - March 11, 2015.

Event: Simplifying the Lambda Architecture - New York City - March 12, 2015.

Event: Data Storage Trends and Architectures - Rock Bottom Brew in Denver - April 15, 2015

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