MV-Datalog+-: Effective Rule-based Reasoning with Uncertain Observations

February, 2022


Modern applications combine information from a great variety of sources. Oftentimes, some of these sources, like Machine-Learning systems, are not strictly binary but associated with some degree of (lack of) confidence in the observation. We propose MV-Datalog and MV-Datalog+- as extensions of Datalog and Datalog+-, respectively, to the fuzzy semantics of infinite-valued Lukasiewicz logic L as languages for effectively reasoning in scenarios where such uncertain observations occur. We show that the semantics of MV-Datalog exhibits similar model-theoretic properties as Datalog. in particular, we show that (fuzzy) entailment can be defined in terms of an analogue of minimal models and give a characterisation, and proof of the uniqueness of such minimal models. On the basis of this characterisation, we propose similar many-valued semantics for rules with existential quantification in the head, extending Datalog+-.

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