Optimal Decision Making Processes Include Multi-team Analyses - DSA ADS Course - 2022

DSA ADS Course - 2022

Decision Processes, Ad-Hoc Analysis, Big Data Analysis, Causal Data Science, Bayesian Decision Analysis

Single analysis will yield conclusions that are overconfident and unrepresentative and thus suboptimal for decision making processes. Using a single-analysis framework can create an illusion of reality leading to disaster.

Incorporating a multi-analysis framework - using different conceptual frameworks - will result in superior decisions over long time scales (not all of the time but most of the time).

Discuss how alternative analyses yields different outcomes.

Discuss decision making processes and incorporating multiple analyses into training programs. 

Optimal decision making processes include multi-team analyses.

How to architect, build and lead multi-teams to produce multiple analyses.

One Statistical Analysis Must NOT Rule Them All


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