Photonic Tensor Cores + 5G = Killer Apps

Speed kills in data science. Faster and higher performing processors allow more efficient data science tools at reasonable cost. This opens a blue ocean of high value data science in reasonable time frames for optimal near real time decision making.

Tensor core units (TCU) outperform graphic processing units (GPU) by three (3) times. Photonic Tensor Cores have the potential to crunch massive amounts and diversities of data faster and cheaper.

5G (fifth generation) mobile communications technology provides greater bandwidth and faster download speeds - allowing new killer applications for the internet of things (IOT) and machine to machine architectures.

Photonic Tensor Cores in conjunction with 5G will allow creation and high performance execution in high value network-edge devices in areas like healthcare, law, business, finance and others.

Professional data scientists will architect and build a brave new world.