Strategic Wisdom vs. Tactical Scenarios

Professional data scientists are synthesizers of a wide diversity of data - turning data and information into specialized high value knowledge to achieve specific goals.

Strategic wisdom is a prudent plan to achieve one or more "big" long-term goals - consisting of a number of subsidiary medium-term and short-term goals. Developing long-term strategic wisdom is extremely difficult and required to formulate subsidiary goals. Senior data scientists help formulate strategy and modify as future reality shifts in complex environments.

Tactical scenarios consist of considering a number of specific actions to achieve subsidiary goals within the "big" goal of accomplishing long-term strategy. High quality real time data and applying probability theory creates competitive advantage. Associate data scientists help create tactical scenarios and execute near real time data analysis to calibrate actions to achieve subsidiary goals.

Without solid strategic wisdom, achieving medium-term and short-term goals via tactical scenarios can lead to disaster.

Seasoned data scientists understand and respect the difference between strategic wisdom and tactical scenarios.