Tele-Knowledge Pre-training for Fault Analysis

October, 2022


In this work, we share our experience on tele-knowledge pre-training for fault analysis. Fault analysis is a vital task for tele-application, which should be timely and properly handled. Fault analysis is also a complex task, that has many sub-tasks. Solving each task requires diverse tele-knowledge. Machine log data and product documents contain part of the tele-knowledge. We create a Tele-KG to organize other tele-knowledge from experts uniformly. With these valuable tele-knowledge data, in this work, we propose a tele-domain pre-training model KTeleBERT and its knowledge-enhanced version KTeleBERT, which includes effective prompt hints, adaptive numerical data encoding, and two knowledge injection paradigms. We train our model in two stages: pre-training TeleBERT on 20 million telecommunication corpora and re-training TeleBERT on 1 million causal and machine corpora to get the KTeleBERT. Then, we apply our models for three tasks of fault analysis, including root-cause analysis, event association prediction, and fault chain tracing. The results show that with KTeleBERT, the performance of task models has been boosted, demonstrating the effectiveness of pre-trained KTeleBERT as a model containing diverse tele-knowledge.

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