Things We Can't Define with Precision Yet

Seasoned data scientists DEFINE WITH PRECISION things to apply certain conceptual frameworks to achieve specific goals. Without precise definitions data science results and interpretations are meaningless and present an illusion of reality and may cause damage. Here is a partial list of things we can't seem to define with precision yet:

  • Human intelligence (knowlege vs. wisdom)
  • Consciousness (mind vs. brain)
  • Artificial intelligence (causality vs. statistics)
  • Justice (injustice)
  • Health (disease)
  • Monetary theory
  • Optimal market design
  • Optimal public policy
  • Regulation theory
  • Causal theory
  • Natural law
  • Legal interpretation theory
  • Human happiness
  • Non-kinetic war
  • Climate
  • Life

There are many other things we need to define with precision to achieve significant progress in human evolution.