Academic Paper

Look-alike humans identified by facial recognition algorithms show genetic similarities

August, 2022


  • Facial recognition algorithms identify “look-alike” humans for multiomics studies
  • Intrapair look-alikes share common genetic sequences such as face trait variants
  • DNA methylation and microbiome profiles only contribute modestly to human likeness
  • The identified SNPs impact physical and behavioral phenotypes beyond facial features


Machine-learning algorithm to non-invasively detect diabetes and pre-diabetes from electrocardiogram

June, 2022



Early detection is of crucial importance for prevention of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. Diagnosis of these conditions relies on the oral glucose tolerance test and haemoglobin A1c estimation which are invasive and challenging for large-scale screening. We aimed to combine the non-invasive nature of ECG with the power of machine learning to detect diabetes and pre-diabetes.