Probabilistic Causation 2021/03/02 - 9:48pm External Course Probabilistic Causation, Causal Inference, Applied Probability, Probabilistic Logic, Machine Learning
Academic Freedom in Crisis: Punishment, Political Discrimination, and Self-Censorship 2021/03/02 - 4:50pm Academic Paper Academic Freedom, Political Discrimination, Self-Censorship, Censorship, Corruption, Crisis in Science
New Task Allocation Methods for Robotic Swarms 2021/03/01 - 10:15pm Academic Paper Swarm Strategy, Task Allocation, Optimal Mass Transport Theory, Light-based Task Allocation, Gossip-based Task Allocation
Towards Causal Representation Learning 2021/03/01 - 8:57am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Causal Representation Learning, Causality, Causal Inference, Deep Neural Networks
Nonlinear Invariant Risk Minimization: A Causal Approach 2021/03/01 - 8:52am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Nonlinear Invariant Risk Minimization, Causality, Invariant Causal Representation Learning, ICRL
Bayesian Quadrature on Riemannian Data Manifolds 2021/03/01 - 8:47am Academic Paper Machine Learning, Bayesian Quadrature, Riemannian Data Manifolds
Best Geopolitical Documentary Ever to Explain the Why? of Coronavirus 2021/02/27 - 5:52pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
The Effect of NFL and NCAA Football Games on the Spread of COVID-19 in the United States: An Empirical Analysis 2021/02/26 - 7:32am Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Lockdowns, NFL, Football
Traffic signal optimization on a square lattice with quantum annealing 2021/02/23 - 5:04pm Academic Paper Quantum Computing, Quantum Algorithm, Quantum Annealing, Traffic Management System, Intelligent Transportation Systems
How to represent part-whole hierarchies in a neural network 2021/02/21 - 10:35pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Part-whole Hierarchies, GLOM
CAUSAL INFERENCE IN STATISTICS - A PRIMER 2021/02/19 - 8:50pm External Course Causal Inference, Causal Interpretation, Causal Inference Methods, Causality, Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Analysis
Causal Inference: What If 2021/02/19 - 8:43pm External Course Causal Inference, Causal Interpretation, Causal Inference Methods, Causality
Florida Wins the Lockdown Science War - Hands Down 2021/02/18 - 12:01pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Lockdowns, Masks
Adversarial Vulnerabilities of Human Decision-making 2021/02/17 - 4:47pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Decision-making, Algorithm Decision Making, Cognitive Science, Human Decision Making
IntSGD: Floatless Compression of Stochastic Gradients 2021/02/17 - 4:13pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Stochastic Gradient Descent, IntSGD, Floatless Compression, Stochastic Gradients
CTAB-GAN: Effective Table Data Synthesizing 2021/02/17 - 4:09pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, CTAB-GAN, Table Data Synthesizing, Generative Adversarial Networks
A Hybrid Approach for Reinforcement Learning Using Virtual Policy Gradient for Balancing an Inverted Pendulum 2021/02/17 - 4:06pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Policy Gradient Algorithm, Robotics
Boosting Low-Resource Biomedical QA via Entity-Aware Masking Strategies 2021/02/17 - 4:03pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Biomedical QA, Entity-Aware Masking Strategies, Information Retrieval
A Multi-disciplinary Ensemble Algorithm for Clustering Heterogeneous Datasets 2021/02/17 - 3:57pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Clustering, Multi-disciplinary Ensemble Algorithm, Heterogeneous Datasets
Two-step Machine Learning Approach for Channel Estimation with Mixed Resolution RF Chains 2021/02/17 - 3:53pm Academic Paper Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Massive MIMO, Multi-antenna, Greedy, Iterative, Quantized Precoding Algorithm, MAGIQ
Revisiting Design Choices in Proximal Policy Optimization 2021/02/17 - 3:47pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Design Choices, Proximal Policy Optimization
Interpolating Classifiers Make Few Mistakes 2021/02/17 - 3:39pm Academic Paper Classifiers, Interpolating Classifiers, Machine Learning, Statistics, Minimum-norm Interpolating Classifiers, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
Towards Robust Data-Driven Control Synthesis for Nonlinear Systems with Actuation Uncertainty 2021/02/17 - 3:34pm Academic Paper Data-Driven Control Synthesis, Nonlinear Systems, Actuation Uncertainty, Robotics, Nonlinear Control Theory, Control Certificate Functions
Do Offline Metrics Predict Online Performance in Recommender Systems? 2021/02/17 - 3:30pm Academic Paper Recommender Systems, Machine Learning
PATTERNS, PREDICTIONS, AND ACTIONS A story about machine learning 2021/02/17 - 3:25pm External Course Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Causal Inference, Causality, Probability
The Necessity of Construct and External Validity for Generalized Causal Claims 2021/02/17 - 3:19pm Academic Paper External Validity, Generalized Causal Claims, Causality, Causal Inference, Statistics, Probability
Report of the 2nd Workshop on Obfuscation 2021/02/17 - 3:06pm White Paper Data Obfuscation, Data Privacy, Discrimination, Hiding Data Flows, Information Privacy Law
The pandemic fallacy: Inaccuracy of social scientists’ and lay judgments about COVID-19’s societal consequences in America 2021/02/16 - 10:17pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Forecasts, Judgment and Decision Making
Data Leverage: A Framework for Empowering the Public in its Relationship with Technology Companies 2021/02/11 - 9:04am Academic Paper Human-centered Computing, Data Contribution,  Data Leverage, Data Strikes, Data Poisoning, Conscious Data Contribution
Apocalypse 2020: Draconian Censorship, Non-Scientific Lockdowns, Media Deception, Rise of Technocracy 2021/02/08 - 10:24pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Policy Error, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Censorship, Lockdowns, Technocracy
COVID19 and Political Economy of Mass Hysteria 2021/02/08 - 9:55pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Mass Hysteria, Panic, Hysteria
Closer than they appear: A Bayesian perspective on individual-level heterogeneity in risk assessment 2021/02/07 - 11:57pm Academic Paper Bayesian Probability, Individual Level Heterogeneity, Risk Assessment, Actuarial Risk Assessment Instruments, RAIs
What are the most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years? 2021/02/07 - 11:53pm Academic Paper Statistics, Counterfactual Causal Inference, Bootstrapping, Simulation-based Inference
Fluid Dynamics and Epidemiology: Seasonality and Transmission Dynamics 2021/02/07 - 11:49pm Academic Paper COVID19, Fluid Dynamics, Seasonality, Transmission Dynamics, Public Policy, Health Policy
A Crash Course in Good and Bad Controls 2021/02/07 - 11:45pm Academic Paper Causal Interpretation, Good Controls, Bad Controls, Regression Equation, Graph Analysis, Data Visualization
Counterfactuals and Their Applications 2021/02/07 - 11:41pm White Paper Statistical Inference, Counterfactuals
Probabilities of Causation: Bounds and Identification 2021/02/07 - 11:38pm Academic Paper Probability, Applied Probability, Probability Theory, Causation
Future Directions of Machine Learning 2021/02/05 - 10:27pm Video Machine Learning
Exploiting Equality Constraints in Causal Inference 2021/02/02 - 9:31pm Academic Paper Causal Inference, Causality, Equality Constraints
Prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of covid-19: systematic review and critical appraisal 2021/01/23 - 11:48pm Academic Paper Models, Prediction Models, COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
COVID19: Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink 2021/01/15 - 1:04pm Academic Paper COVID19, Lockdowns, Groupthink, Public Policy, Health Policy, Cost-benefit Analysis
A Survey on Causal Inference 2021/01/14 - 8:01pm External Course Causal Inference, Causal Inference Methods
Quantum Algorithm for Nonlinear Differential Equations 2021/01/07 - 9:45pm Academic Paper Quantum Computing, Algorithm, Quantum Algorithm, Chaotic Dynamics, Nonlinear Differential Equations, Quantum Physics
Efficient Quantum Algorithm for Dissipative Nonlinear Differential Equations 2021/01/07 - 9:44pm Academic Paper Quantum Computing, Algorithm, Quantum Algorithm, Nonlinear Equations, Quantum Physics, Numerical Analysis, Plasma Physics, Nonlinear Differential Equations, Chaotic Dynamics
Assessing Mandatory Stay‐at‐Home and Business Closure Effects on the Spread of COVID‐19 2021/01/07 - 9:30pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Lockdowns, Masks, Non-pharmaceutical Interventions
Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th - Europe and USA 2021/01/07 - 9:26pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
Measures do not prevent deaths, transmission is not by contact, masks provide no benefit, vaccines are inherently dangerous: Review update of recent science relevant to COVID-19 policy 2020/12/29 - 11:13pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Lockdowns
Effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19: A Tale of Three Models 2020/12/27 - 11:54pm Academic Paper Non-pharmaceutical Interventions, COVID19, Lockdowns, Public Policy, Health Policy
Large-scale Clinical Interpretation of Genetic Variants Using Evolutionary Data and Deep Learning 2020/12/23 - 4:36pm Academic Paper Genetics, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Data, Deep Learning
THE LONG-TERM IMPACT OF THE COVID-19 UNEMPLOYMENT SHOCK ON LIFE EXPECTANCY AND MORTALITY RATES 2020/12/17 - 11:33pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Unemployment, Life Expectancy, Mortality Rates