Improving Data Protection 2015/02/24 - 11:29pm Video Data Protection, Security, Cybersecurity
A New Approach to Big Data - Roman Shaposhnik 2015/02/24 - 11:25pm Video Open Data Platform, Roman Shaposhnik
Year Zero: How We’ll Run Our Lives in Ten Years’ Time - Alistair Croll 2015/02/24 - 11:22pm Video Human Lifestyle, Alistair Croll, Strata, 2015
Intel and the Role of Open Source - Michael Greene 2015/02/24 - 11:20pm Video Open Source, Michael Greene, Strata, 2015
A Bigger Lens Through Which to View the World - Adam Kocoloski 2015/02/24 - 11:15pm Video Big Data, Adam Kocoloski, Strata, 2015
Close Encounters with the Third Kind of Database - Eric Frenkiel 2015/02/24 - 11:10pm Video Database, Eric Frenkiel, Strata, 2015
Impacting Business as it Happens - Anil Gadre 2015/02/24 - 11:07pm Video Business, Real-Time, Anil Gadre, Strata, 2015
Hadoop's Impact on Data Management's Future - Amr Awadallah 2015/02/24 - 11:04pm Video Hadoop, Data Management, Amr Awadallah, Strata, 2015
Emerging Age of Data-Driven Policy Design - Solomon Hsiang 2015/02/24 - 11:01pm Video Data-Driven Policy Design, Solomon Hsiang, Strata, 2015
The Future of Data Visualization - Jeffrey Heer 2015/02/24 - 10:58pm Video Data Visualization, Jeffrey Heer, Strata, 2015
Data: Open for Good and Secure by Default - Eddie Garcia 2015/02/24 - 10:55pm Video Open Data, Security, Eddie Garcia, Strata, 2015
Intelligence in the Age of Plethora - Lisa Hammitt 2015/02/24 - 10:53pm Video Intelligence, Lisa Hammitt, Strata, 2015
Big Data Lessons from Our Cybernetic Past - Eden Medina 2015/02/24 - 10:49pm Video Big Data, Eden Medina, Strata, 2015
New Directions for Spark in 2015 - Matei Zaharia 2015/02/24 - 10:47pm Video Spark, Matei Zaharia, Strata, 2015
Data Science: Where are We Going? - Dr. DJ Patil 2015/02/24 - 10:44pm Video Data Science, Dr. DJ Patil, Strata, 2015
Trygve Haavelmo and the emergence of Causal Calculus 2015/02/23 - 8:45pm Academic Paper Trygve Haavelmo, Causal Calculus, Causal Inference, Causality
Framework for Feeding Linked Data to Complex Event Processing Engines 2015/02/17 - 8:42pm Academic Paper Linked Data, Complex Event Processing Engines, Complex Event Processing
Distributing Matrix Computations with Spark MLlib - Slides 2015/02/17 - 8:41pm Slides Spark, Distributing Matrix Computations, Spark MLlib
Scala Crash Course - Slides 2015/02/17 - 8:36pm Slides Scala, Spark
Distributed Computing with Spark - Slides 2015/02/17 - 8:35pm Slides Distributed Computing, Spark
Intro to Spark - Slides 2015/02/17 - 8:33pm Slides Spark
Fully Programmable and Scalable Optical Switching Fabric for Petabyte Data Center 2015/02/12 - 9:51pm Academic Paper Spark, Hadoop, Optical Switching Fabric, Petabyte Data Center
Developing a System of Micro-credentials: Supporting Deeper Learning in the Classroom 2015/02/12 - 9:45pm White Paper Education, Micro-credentials, Deeper Learning
Culture of Scientific Research in UK - December 2014 2015/02/12 - 9:26pm White Paper Science, Scientific Research, Research Methods, Bias, Corruption
Worldwide Clustering of the Corruption Perception 2015/02/12 - 12:50am Academic Paper Clustering, Corruption, Perception, Government, Wealth, Economic Growth
Cassandra Data Modeling - Practical Considerations @ Netflix 2015/02/06 - 7:25pm Video Cassandra, Data Modeling, Netflix
Using Cassandra to Support Crisis Informatics Research 2015/02/06 - 7:23pm Video Cassandra, Crisis Informatics Research
5 Minute REST API with csvkit & CouchDB 2015/02/06 - 7:21pm Video API, REST API, csvkit, CouchDB
A CouchDB Replication Endpoint in PHP 2015/02/06 - 7:19pm Video CouchDB, Replication Endpoint, PHP
Lost at See: Random Walks for Scale Space Theory in Computer Vision - Florian Sobieczky 2015/01/21 - 4:13pm Slides Random Walks, Scale Space Theory, Computer Vision, Florian Sobieczky, Marilyn Waldman
Top 20 Data Quality Solutions - Ken Farmer 2015/01/21 - 1:49pm Slides Data Quality Solutions, Ken Farmer, Data Quality
Deep Learning: Machine Perception and Its Applications 2015/01/16 - 10:35pm Video Deep Learning, Machine Perception, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Tera-scale Deep Learning 2015/01/16 - 10:33pm Video Tera-scale, Deep Learning, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Quantum Machine Learning 2015/01/16 - 10:30pm Video Quantum Machine Learning, Machine Learning
Spark Overview 2015/01/16 - 10:27pm Video Spark
Apache Cassandra & Apache Spark for Time Series Data 2015/01/16 - 10:25pm Video Cassandra, Spark, Time Series Data
Elastic Scaling in Spark 1 2 and Beyond 2015/01/16 - 10:23pm Video Elastic Scaling, Spark
What's coming for Spark in 2015 2015/01/16 - 10:20pm Video Spark, 2015, RDD, API, Databricks, Spark SQL, SchemaRDD
Recommendation Engines & Accumulo sqql 2015/01/16 - 7:34pm Video Recommendation Engines, Accumulo sqql, Security, Machine Learning
Scala Monads: Declutter Your Code With Monadic Design 2015/01/16 - 7:28pm Video Scala, Monads, Monadic Design
On Intelligence with Jeff Hawkins 2015/01/16 - 7:26pm Video Intelligence, Jeff Hawkins, Smart Machines
Intelligence and Machines 2015/01/16 - 7:24pm Video Intelligence, Machines, Smart Machines, Smart Systems
Machine Learning Basics 2015/01/16 - 7:12pm Video Machine Learning
Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning 2015/01/16 - 6:41pm Video Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning
Overcoming Bias and Systematic Errors in Next Generation Sequencing Data 2015/01/15 - 11:47am Academic Paper Bioinformatics, Sequencing Human Genome, Genome, Bias, Systematic Errors, Next Generation Sequencing Data
Mining the Past to See the Future - Gary Cokins 2015/01/14 - 11:31am White Paper Data Mining, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Gary Cokins
Neural Turing Machines - DeepMind, December 2014 2015/01/08 - 10:59am Academic Paper Neural Turing Machines, DeepMind, Turing Machine, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks
Robot Learning Manipulation Action Plans by Watching Unconstrained Videos from the World Wide Web 2015/01/08 - 10:53am Academic Paper Robot Learning, Manipulation, Action Plans, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Interactive Machine Learning, Active Learning
Machine Learning - Random Forests 2015/01/08 - 10:47am Video Machine Learning, Random Forests, Algorithms
Building Predictive Models in Cloud 2015/01/08 - 10:42am Video Predictive Models, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling