Security Team 2.1, Google - Security @ Scale 2014 2014/08/26 - 3:23pm Video Security, Data Security
Encrypted Data at Rest in Hadoop 2014/08/26 - 3:19pm Video Encrypted Data, Hadoop, Privacy
Machine Learning Story about Ponies 2014/08/16 - 3:06pm Video Machine Learning
How to Perform K-Means Clustering in R 2014/08/16 - 3:05pm Video K-Means Clustering, R Language
K Means Clustering Using Azure Machine Learning 2014/08/16 - 3:02pm Video Machine Learning, K Means Clustering, Azure, Cloud
Visualizing Data with R 2014/08/16 - 2:59pm Slides R Language, Data Visualization
Modeling and Simulation at the Exascale for Energy and the Environment 2014/08/16 - 2:58pm Academic Paper Data Engineering, HPC, Exascale, Energy, Environment, High Performance Computing
Machine Learning in Medical Applications 2014/08/16 - 2:56pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Machine Learning, Medical Applications
Constraints of Current HPC System Architectures - August 12 2014 - Slides 2014/08/16 - 2:52pm Slides High Performance Computing, HPC, Constraints, Architectural Bottlenecks, System Architecture
Future of HPC Software - August 12 2014 - Slides 2014/08/16 - 2:50pm Slides High Performance Computing, HPC, Software, Languages, Dynamic Languages, Fortran
Machine Learning, Medical Diagnosis, and Biomedical Engineering Research 2014/08/16 - 2:48pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Machine Learning, Medical Diagnosis, Biomedical Engineering Research, Artificial Intelligence
Risk in Evidence-based Sentencing 2014/08/16 - 2:43pm Academic Paper Law, Regulation, Evidence-based Sentencing
Julia - Fast Dynamic Language for Technical Computing 2014/08/16 - 2:40pm Academic Paper High Performance Computing, HPC, Languages, Julia, Dynamic Languages
An Evaluation of Global Address Space Languages - Co-Array Fortran and Unified Parallel C 2014/08/16 - 2:38pm Academic Paper High Performance Computing, HPC, Global Address Space Languages, Co-Array Fortran, Unified Parallel C, Languages
DARPA's HPCS Program: History, Models, Tools, Languages 2014/08/16 - 2:34pm Academic Paper High Performance Computing, HPC, DARPA HPCS Program, Languages
Languages for HPC - DARPA HPCS Language Project 2014/08/16 - 2:31pm White Paper High Performance Computing, Languages, HPC, DARPA, HPCS Language Project
Deep Learning of Representations 2014/08/10 - 3:16pm Video Deep Learning, Reinforcement-learning Representations
Geoff Hinton - Recent Developments in Deep Learning 2014/08/10 - 3:13pm Video Geoff Hinton, Deep Learning
Empirical Analysis of Supervised Learning Performance Criteria 2014/08/10 - 2:54pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Learning Algorithms, Supervised Learning, Performance Criteria
Analysis of Heart Diseases Dataset using Neural Network Approach 2014/08/10 - 2:50pm Academic Paper Healthcare, Heart Disease, Neural Networks
Higher Order and Recurrent Neural Architectures for Trading the EUR USD Exchange Rate 2014/08/10 - 2:49pm Academic Paper Finance, Trading, Higher Order, Recurrent Neural Architectures, Neural Networks, Currency Exchanges
Toward Exascale Resilience 2014/08/10 - 2:44pm Academic Paper HPC, High-Performance Analytics, Exascale, Petascale, Resilience, Fault Tolerance
Big Data and Business Analytics 2014/08/10 - 2:38pm External Course Big Data, Business Analytics
Quantifying Semantics of Search Behavior Before Stock Market Moves 2014/08/03 - 11:02am Academic Paper Causality, Search Behavior, Finance, Google, Stock Market, Politics, Trading, Causation
Predictive Simulation and Big Data Analytics 2014/08/02 - 4:01pm Slides Predictive Simulation, Predictive Analytics
Only Human - The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions 2014/08/02 - 3:56pm White Paper Emotion, Logic, Business Decisions, Decision Making, Decision Theory
Technology Management In The Age Of The Customer 2014/08/02 - 3:52pm White Paper Technology Management, Customer, Customer Analytics
Big Data and Organization Design 2014/08/02 - 3:50pm White Paper Big Data, Organization Design
Big Role for CFOs in Big Data 2014/08/02 - 3:44pm White Paper Finance, CFO, Big Data
Drug Harms in UK - Multicriteria Decision Analysis 2014/08/02 - 3:38pm White Paper Healthcare, Drug, Multicriteria Decision Analysis
Marijuana and Medicine - Assessing the Science Base 2014/08/02 - 3:37pm White Paper Healthcare, Marijuana, Science
Rapid Identification of Architectural Bottlenecks via Precise Event Counting 2014/08/02 - 3:36pm Academic Paper Architectural Bottlenecks, Precise Event Counting, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Infrastructure, Infrastructure
Practical Introduction to Data Science Skills 2014/07/27 - 12:44pm Video Data Science, Big Data Analysis, Data Skills
Becoming a Data Professional: Taking it to Next Level 2014/07/27 - 12:43pm Video Data Science, Big Data Analysis, Data Skills
Fuzzy Data Fusion 2014/07/27 - 12:35pm External Course Fuzzy Data Fusion
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Recommendations 2014/07/27 - 12:28pm White Paper Healthcare
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Paper 2014/07/27 - 12:27pm White Paper Healthcare
Best Health Care at Lower Cost - Slides 2014/07/27 - 12:26pm Slides Healthcare
Decisive Action - How Businesses Make Decisions and How They Could do it Better 2014/07/27 - 12:24pm External Course Decisions, Evidence, Decision Making, Business, Data Science, Experiments
Path to Understanding Effects of Algorithm Awareness 2014/07/27 - 12:19pm External Course Algorithms, Algorithm Awareness
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data 2014/07/27 - 12:17pm External Course Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Text Analysis, Machine Learning
Big Data and the Future of Privacy - Electronic Privacy Information Center April 2014 2014/07/27 - 12:14pm External Course Big Data, Information Privacy Law, Privacy, Law, Regulation
Scaling Big Data Mining Infrastructure - The Twitter Experience 2014/07/27 - 12:11pm Academic Paper Data Mining, Infrastructure, Twitter
Mining of Massive Data Sets 2014/07/27 - 12:07pm External Course Data Mining, Data Mining Applications
Deep Learning - Methods and Applications 2014/07/27 - 12:03pm External Course Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Designing Technology to Restore Privacy 2014/07/19 - 8:58pm Video Information Privacy Law, Privacy
Google I/O 2014 - Keynote 2014/07/19 - 8:56pm Video Google I/O 2014
Big Data and Statisticians, Revisited 2014/07/19 - 8:52pm Video Big Data, Statisticians, Statistical Modeling
Human Side of Big Data and High-Performance Analytics 2014/07/19 - 8:49pm White Paper Big Data, High-Performance Analytics, Advanced Analytics
Big Data Principles and Best Practices 2014/07/19 - 8:46pm White Paper Best Practices, Big Data Principles