Botworld 1.0 2014/05/04 - 10:40am Academic Paper Botworld, Cellular Automaton, Markov Decision Processes, Decisive Markov Chains, Hidden Markov Models, Self-modifying Agents
Robust Boltzmann Machines for Recognition and Denoising 2014/05/04 - 10:37am Academic Paper Boltzmann Machines, Recognition, Denoising, Unsupervised Learning
Provable Predictions - Seeing into the Future? 2014/05/04 - 10:28am Video Predictive Analytics, Forecasting
The Naked Future -- A World That Anticipates Your Every Move 2014/05/04 - 10:25am Video Privacy, Information Privacy Law, Law, Regulation
Carry on Winning - Gamblers’ Fallacy Creates Hot Hand Effects 2014/04/30 - 9:05pm Academic Paper Gamblers’ Fallacy, Gambling, Betting Strategies, Risk, Odds
Nanotools for Neuroscience and Brain Activity Mapping 2014/04/30 - 9:00pm Academic Paper Nanotools, Neuroscience, Brain Activity Mapping, Brain Imaging, Brain Imaging Data
Reducing the Dimensionality of Data with Neural Networks 2014/04/26 - 11:10am External Course Data Dimensionality, Neural Networks
Logical Theories for Agent Introspection 2014/04/26 - 11:08am Academic Paper Agents, Artificial Intelligence, Agent Introspection, Modal Logic, First-order Predicate Logic, Logic Programming
To Recognize Shapes, First Learn to Generate Images 2014/04/26 - 11:04am Academic Paper Shapes, Images, Cortical Architecture, Pattern Formation, High- dimensional Sensory Data
Advantages of Artificial Intelligences, Uploads, and Digital Minds 2014/04/26 - 10:35am Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Digital Minds, Artificial General Intelligence
Learning Multiple Layers of Representation 2014/04/26 - 10:32am Academic Paper Deep Networks, Backpropagation, Speech Perception, Object Recognition
Revolution in Visual Tracking 2014/04/26 - 10:27am Video Visual Tracking, Sports Science
True Performance & the Science of Randomness 2014/04/26 - 10:23am Video Science of Randomness, Sports Science
ESPN's Use of Analytics in Storytelling 2014/04/26 - 10:21am Video ESPN, Analytics, Storytelling
Soccer Analytics 2013 2014/04/26 - 10:20am Video Soccer Analytics 2013
Autonomous Technology and the Greater Human Good 2014/04/26 - 9:33am Academic Paper Autonomous Technology, Autonomous Systems
How to Give an Applied Micro Talk 2014/04/26 - 9:30am Slides Presentation, Applied Micro Talk
Neural Bases of Motivated Reasoning - An fMRI Study of Emotional Constraints on Partisan Political Judgment in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election 2014/04/24 - 8:49pm Academic Paper Confirmation Bias, Cognitive Bias, Neural Bases of Motivated Reasoning, Implicit Emotion Regulation
Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition 2014/04/19 - 12:27pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Acoustic Modeling, Speech Recognition, Hidden Markov Models, Machine Learning Algorithms
Meta-control of an Optimization Algorithm 2014/04/19 - 12:24pm Academic Paper Optimization Algorithms, Algorithms, Barrier Coefficients, Meta-control
Reversible Space Equals Deterministic Space 2014/04/19 - 12:21pm Academic Paper Turing Machine, Reversible Space, Deterministic Space, State Space Time Series
Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, and Event Recognition 2014/04/19 - 12:18pm Academic Paper Cognitive Systems, Linear Asymptotic Complexity, Object Detection, Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, Event Recognition
Asimovian Adaptive Agents 2014/04/19 - 12:15pm Academic Paper Adaptive Agents, Agent-based Model, Multi-Agent System, Intelligent Agents, Algorithms
5 Minute REST API with csvkit & CouchDB 2014/04/19 - 11:51am Video API, REST API, csvkit, CouchDB
A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets 2014/04/18 - 6:38am Academic Paper Deep Learning, Fast Learning, Algorithm, Deep Belief Nets, Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Networks
Perspectives on Large Simple Trials 2014/04/16 - 9:38pm Slides Contolled Experiments, Observational Studies, Bias, Large Simple Trials, Trials, Methodological Bias, Statistical Bias
Sample Size and Precision in NIH Peer Review 2014/04/16 - 9:32pm Academic Paper Sample Size, Precision, Peer Review, National Institutes of Health
Statistical Analysis of the National Institutes of Health Peer Review System 2014/04/16 - 7:28am Academic Paper Statistical Analysis, National Institutes of Health, Peer Review System, Statistical Modeling
Kludgeocracy in America 2014/04/14 - 10:14pm White Paper Government, Law, Regulation
Creating a Smarter World with Big Data 2014/04/14 - 10:12pm Video Data Science, Big Data, Social Media, Mobile Applications, Sensors, Internet of Things
The Age of Artificial Intelligence 2014/04/14 - 10:07pm Video Artificial Intelligence, Data Science
Big Data and the Rise of Augmented Intelligence 2014/04/14 - 10:04pm Video Big Data, Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence
Bayesian Efficient Multiple Kernel Learning 2014/04/13 - 12:32pm Academic Paper Bayesian, Bayesian Efficient Multiple Kernel Learning, Gaussian Kernel, Kernel Learning Algorithms
AuditBucket: Data Auditing Overview 2014/04/13 - 11:47am Video AuditBucket, Data Auditing, Neo4j, ElasticSearch
Evaluation of a Supervised Learning Approach for Stock Market Operations 2014/04/11 - 10:03pm Academic Paper Supervised Learning, Finance, Stock Market, Random Forests
Science Comprehension Thesis 2014/04/11 - 9:57pm Academic Paper Science Comprehension Thesis, Confirmation Bias, Cognitive Bias, Identity-protective Cognition Thesis
Adaptive Mining Techniques for Data Streams using Algorithm Output Granularity 2014/03/31 - 8:33pm Academic Paper Algorithms, Adaptive Mining, Data Streams, Algorithm Output Granularity
The Neural Basis of Object Perception 2014/03/31 - 10:41am Academic Paper Brain Imaging, Brain, Object Perception, Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Network, Facial Images, Face Recognition
Algorithms for Learning Regression Trees and Ensembles on Evolving Data Streams 2014/03/30 - 11:31am Academic Paper Algorithms, Decision Trees, Learning Regression Trees, Ensembles, Evolving Data Streams, Regression, Data Streams
Baseball Analytics 2013 2014/03/29 - 10:25pm Video Sports, Baseball Analytics
Football Analytics 2013 2014/03/29 - 10:24pm Video Sports, Football Analytics
Predictive Sports Betting 2014/03/29 - 10:23pm Video Sports, Predictive Sports Betting
Learning Causality from Textual Data 2014/03/28 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Causality, Causality Inference, Textual Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Algorithms
Scalable Clustering - A Distributed Approach 2014/03/28 - 9:29pm Academic Paper Scalable Clustering, Clustering, Fuzzy K-means Algorithm, Centroid Correspondence Algorithm, Kernel Learning Algorithms
Adaptive Learning and Mining for Data Streams 2014/03/28 - 9:17am Academic Paper Model Rules, High-Speed Data Streams, Data Streams, Adaptive Model Rules, Regression, Rule Learning, Change Detection
Learning Model Rules from High-Speed Data Streams 2014/03/28 - 9:15am Academic Paper Model Rules, High-Speed Data Streams, Data Streams, Adaptive Model Rules, Regression, Rule Learning, Change Detection
Operational Analytics from A to Z 2014/03/28 - 9:12am White Paper Operational Analytics
Operational Analytics 2013 2014/03/28 - 9:10am White Paper Operational Analytics
Data Mining from A to Z 2014/03/27 - 5:25am White Paper Data Mining, Data Mining Applications, Predictive Analytics
Smart Data for Smart Decision-Making in Federal Government 2014/03/27 - 5:23am White Paper Government, Big Data, Data Science, Survey, Big Data Infrastructure