Improving Neural Networks by Preventing Co-adaptation of Feature Detectors 2014/05/31 - 7:48pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Overfitting, Co-adaptation, Feature Detectors
Dynamic Term-Modal Logic 2014/05/31 - 7:32pm Academic Paper Dynamic Term-Modal Logic, Common Knowledge, Dynamic Logic, Epistemic Logic, First-order Modal Logic
Deep Lambertian Networks 2014/05/31 - 5:20pm Academic Paper Lambertian Networks, Deep Belief Nets, Multilayer Generative Models, Lambertian Reluctance Model
Bayesian Generalized Kernel Mixed Models 2014/05/23 - 9:00pm Academic Paper Bayesian Analysis, Bayesian Generalized Kernel Mixed Model, Generalized Kernel Mixed Model, Generalized Kernel Model
Assuring the Behavior of Adaptive Agents 2014/05/23 - 8:56pm Academic Paper Behavior, Adaptive Agents, Agents, Asimov's First Law
Quantifying Information Flow with Beliefs 2014/05/23 - 8:54pm Academic Paper Information Flow, Beliefs, Probabilistic Logic, Information Flow Metrics
Theorem Proving in Large Formal Mathematics as an Emerging AI Field 2014/05/23 - 8:51pm Academic Paper Theorem Proving, Math, Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025 - Report May 2014 2014/05/23 - 8:48pm White Paper Internet of Things
Digital Life in 2015 - March 2014 Report Future of the Internet Predictions 2014/05/23 - 8:47pm White Paper Digital Life, Internet, Predictions
Empirical Comparison of Graph Databases 2014/05/23 - 8:44pm Academic Paper Databases, Graph Databases
Internet of Cars, Wearables, and More 2014/05/23 - 8:33pm Video Internet of Things
Improving Deep Neural Networks for LVCSR Using Rectified Linear Units and Dropout 2014/05/19 - 4:04pm Academic Paper Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, LVCSR, Rectified Linear Units, Dropout, Acoustic Modeling, Broadcast News, Bayesian Optimization
A Better Way to Pretrain Deep Boltzmann Machines 2014/05/19 - 3:59pm Academic Paper Markov Random Field, Boltzmann Machines, Pretraining Algorithms, Deep Boltzmann Machines
Relativized Separation of Reversible and Irreverible Space-time Complexity Classes 2014/05/17 - 4:15pm Academic Paper Reversible Computing, Space-time Complexity, Complexity Theory
Large-Scale Automatic Labeling of Video Events with Verbs Based on Event-Participant Interaction 2014/05/17 - 4:11pm Academic Paper Labeling, Video Events, Event-Participant Interaction
Modular Verification of Dynamically Adaptive Systems 2014/05/17 - 4:08pm Academic Paper Modular Verification, Dynamically Adaptive Systems, Linear Temporal Logic, Dynamic Adaptation, Reliability, Autonomic Computing, Global Invariants, Formal Specification, Verification, Modular Model Checking
Deep Mixtures of Factor Analysers 2014/05/17 - 4:06pm Academic Paper Factor Analysers, Unsupervised Learning, Deep density Models
REST-Ful API Design 2014/05/17 - 3:48pm Video REST-Ful, API
Scaling Fluctuation Analysis and Statistical Hypothesis Testing of Anthropogenic Warming 2014/05/10 - 11:48am Academic Paper Climate, Global Warming, Anthropogenic Warming, Scaling Fluctuation Analysis, General Circulation Models
9 Databases in 45 Minutes 2014/05/10 - 9:30am Video Database, Datastore
Better, Faster, Cheaper Infrastructure with Apache CloudStack and Riak 2014/05/10 - 9:29am Video Apache CloudStack, Riak, NoSQL, Databases
Introduction to Riak and how is used by the Fortune 500 2014/05/10 - 9:18am Video Riak, NoSQL, Key/value, Database, Datastore
Implementation of Precision Medicine - From Deep Sequencing and Unbiased Screening to Precise Therapeutic Targeting 2014/05/05 - 10:26am Slides Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Precision Medicine, Deep Sequencing, Unbiased Screening, Precise Therapeutic Targeting, Genome, Sequencing Human Genome
New Types of Deep Neural Network Learning for Speech Recognition and Related Applications 2014/05/04 - 12:35pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network Learning, Speech Recognition, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, Optimization, Spectrogram Features, Music Processing
Paradoxes of Rational Agency and Formal Systems that Verify Their Own Soundness 2014/05/04 - 12:31pm Academic Paper Agents, Rational Agency, Adaptive Agents, Peano Arithmetic
Botworld 1.0 2014/05/04 - 10:40am Academic Paper Botworld, Cellular Automaton, Markov Decision Processes, Decisive Markov Chains, Hidden Markov Models, Self-modifying Agents
Robust Boltzmann Machines for Recognition and Denoising 2014/05/04 - 10:37am Academic Paper Boltzmann Machines, Recognition, Denoising, Unsupervised Learning
Provable Predictions - Seeing into the Future? 2014/05/04 - 10:28am Video Predictive Analytics, Forecasting
The Naked Future -- A World That Anticipates Your Every Move 2014/05/04 - 10:25am Video Privacy, Information Privacy Law, Law, Regulation
Carry on Winning - Gamblers’ Fallacy Creates Hot Hand Effects 2014/04/30 - 9:05pm Academic Paper Gamblers’ Fallacy, Gambling, Betting Strategies, Risk, Odds
Nanotools for Neuroscience and Brain Activity Mapping 2014/04/30 - 9:00pm Academic Paper Nanotools, Neuroscience, Brain Activity Mapping, Brain Imaging, Brain Imaging Data
Reducing the Dimensionality of Data with Neural Networks 2014/04/26 - 11:10am External Course Data Dimensionality, Neural Networks
Logical Theories for Agent Introspection 2014/04/26 - 11:08am Academic Paper Agents, Artificial Intelligence, Agent Introspection, Modal Logic, First-order Predicate Logic, Logic Programming
To Recognize Shapes, First Learn to Generate Images 2014/04/26 - 11:04am Academic Paper Shapes, Images, Cortical Architecture, Pattern Formation, High- dimensional Sensory Data
Advantages of Artificial Intelligences, Uploads, and Digital Minds 2014/04/26 - 10:35am Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Digital Minds, Artificial General Intelligence
Learning Multiple Layers of Representation 2014/04/26 - 10:32am Academic Paper Deep Networks, Backpropagation, Speech Perception, Object Recognition
Revolution in Visual Tracking 2014/04/26 - 10:27am Video Visual Tracking, Sports Science
True Performance & the Science of Randomness 2014/04/26 - 10:23am Video Science of Randomness, Sports Science
ESPN's Use of Analytics in Storytelling 2014/04/26 - 10:21am Video ESPN, Analytics, Storytelling
Soccer Analytics 2013 2014/04/26 - 10:20am Video Soccer Analytics 2013
Autonomous Technology and the Greater Human Good 2014/04/26 - 9:33am Academic Paper Autonomous Technology, Autonomous Systems
How to Give an Applied Micro Talk 2014/04/26 - 9:30am Slides Presentation, Applied Micro Talk
Neural Bases of Motivated Reasoning - An fMRI Study of Emotional Constraints on Partisan Political Judgment in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election 2014/04/24 - 8:49pm Academic Paper Confirmation Bias, Cognitive Bias, Neural Bases of Motivated Reasoning, Implicit Emotion Regulation
Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition 2014/04/19 - 12:27pm Academic Paper Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Acoustic Modeling, Speech Recognition, Hidden Markov Models, Machine Learning Algorithms
Meta-control of an Optimization Algorithm 2014/04/19 - 12:24pm Academic Paper Optimization Algorithms, Algorithms, Barrier Coefficients, Meta-control
Reversible Space Equals Deterministic Space 2014/04/19 - 12:21pm Academic Paper Turing Machine, Reversible Space, Deterministic Space, State Space Time Series
Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, and Event Recognition 2014/04/19 - 12:18pm Academic Paper Cognitive Systems, Linear Asymptotic Complexity, Object Detection, Simultaneous Object Detection, Tracking, Event Recognition
Asimovian Adaptive Agents 2014/04/19 - 12:15pm Academic Paper Adaptive Agents, Agent-based Model, Multi-Agent System, Intelligent Agents, Algorithms
5 Minute REST API with csvkit & CouchDB 2014/04/19 - 11:51am Video API, REST API, csvkit, CouchDB
A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets 2014/04/18 - 6:38am Academic Paper Deep Learning, Fast Learning, Algorithm, Deep Belief Nets, Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Networks