Random Classification Noise Defeats All Convex Potential Boosters 2013/12/30 - 5:54pm Academic Paper Random Classification, Noise, Convex Potential Boosters, Boosting
Online Max-Margin Weight Learning for Markov Logic Networks 2013/12/29 - 12:22pm Slides Online Max-Margin Weight Learning, Markov, Markov Logic Networks
Online Structure Learning for Markov Logic Networks 2013/12/29 - 12:19pm Slides Online Structure Learning, Markov, Markov Logic Networks
A Simple and Efficient Simulation Smoother for State Space Time Series Analysis 2013/12/29 - 12:17pm Academic Paper Simulation, State Space Time Series
A Hybrid Prediction Model for Moving Objects 2013/12/29 - 12:12pm Slides Prediction, Moving Objects
Nonenzymatic Template-Directed RNA Synthesis Inside Model Protocells 2013/12/29 - 12:05pm White Paper Healthcare, Genetics, Biotech, Genome, Artificial Intelligence
Predicting the Present with Bayesian Structural Time Series 2013/12/29 - 12:02pm Academic Paper Prediction, Bayesian, Structural Time Series
Boosting Approach to Machine Learning 2013/12/28 - 12:16pm Academic Paper Boosting, Machine Learning
Transforming Classifier Scores into Accurate Multiclass Probability Estimates 2013/12/28 - 12:15pm Academic Paper Classifier, Multiclass Probability Estimates, Probabilities, Machine Learning
Obtaining Calibrated Probabilities from Boosting 2013/12/28 - 11:59am Academic Paper Probabilities, Boosting, Machine Learning
Predicting Good Probabilities with Supervised Learning 2013/12/28 - 11:57am Academic Paper Supervised Learning, Algorithms, Supervised Learning Algorithms
Searching for Dependencies in Bayesian Classifiers 2013/12/28 - 11:55am Academic Paper Bayesian Classifiers, Bayesian, Classification, Classifiers
Python Epiphanies 2013/12/26 - 11:51am Video Python
Predictive Analytics using Storm, Hadoop, R and AWS 2013/12/26 - 11:47am Video Predictive Analytics, Storm, Hadoop, R, AWS
Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm 2013/12/26 - 11:46am Video Real-Time, Storm
Cassandra Architecture, Development & Operations 2013/12/26 - 11:42am Video Cassandra, Database, NoSQL
Evaluating NoSQL Performance: Which Database is Right for Your Data? 2013/12/26 - 11:40am Video Database, NoSQL
An Empirical Comparison of Supervised Learning Algorithms 2013/12/26 - 10:25am Academic Paper Algorithms, Supervised Learning Algorithms
Inferring Causal Impact using Bayesian Structural Time-series 2013/12/26 - 10:22am Academic Paper Causality, Bayesian, Bayesian Structural Time-series, Structural Time-series
On Making Causal Claims: A Review and Recommendations 2013/12/26 - 10:20am Academic Paper Causality, Data Science
Efficient Simulation and Integrated Likelihood Estimation in State Space Models 2013/12/26 - 10:17am Academic Paper Efficient Simulation and Integrated Likelihood Estimation in State Space Models
Predicting the Present with Google Trends 2013/12/26 - 10:16am Academic Paper Predicting, Google Trends, Forecasting
Internet search behavior as an economic forecasting tool the case of inflation expectations 2013/12/26 - 10:13am Academic Paper Internet Search Behavior, Forecasting, Economics
Introduction to Artificial Prediction Markets for Classification 2013/12/22 - 11:54am Academic Paper Prediction, Classification
SPOT: R Package Automatic Interactive Tuning of Optimization Algorithms by Sequential Parameter Optimization 2013/12/22 - 11:52am Academic Paper Spot, R, Automatic Interactive Tuning, Optimization Algorithms, Sequential Parameter Optimization
Missing Data using Decision Forest and Computational Intelligence 2013/12/22 - 11:49am Academic Paper Missing Data, Decision Forest, Computational Intelligence
Comparison of Decision Algorithms on Newcomblike Problems 2013/12/21 - 12:36pm Academic Paper Algorithm, Decision Algorithms, Data Science
Probabilistic Metamathematics and Definability of Truth 2013/12/21 - 12:17pm Video Probabilistic Metamathematics, Bayesian, Data Science
Program Equilibrium via Provability Logic: Robust Cooperation in Prisoners Dilemma 2013/12/21 - 12:12pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, Equilibrium, Provability Logic
Definability of Truth in Probabilistic Logic 2013/12/21 - 12:08pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Probabilistic Logic
A Model of Artificial Intelligence Development 2013/12/21 - 12:06pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence
Predicting AGI 2013/12/21 - 12:04pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, AGI
Tiling Agents for Self-Modifying AI and the Löbian Obstacle 2013/12/21 - 12:01pm Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence, Löbian Obstacle
Why We Need Friendly AI 2013/12/21 - 11:58am Academic Paper Artificial Intelligence
Text Classification with Apache Mahout and Lucene 2013/12/20 - 5:38pm Slides Text Classification, Apache Mahout, Lucene, Data Science
Probabalistic Data Matching – How mathematics helps find duplicates in data 2013/12/17 - 6:12pm Slides Probabalistic Data Matching, Data Science, Big Data
Video: Bayesian Techniques for Real-time Learning 2013/12/16 - 9:40pm Video Bayesian, Data Science, Real-time Learning, Data Analysis, Data Analytics Ecosystem
Wrangler: Interactive Visual Specification of Data Transformation Scripts 2013/12/16 - 9:35pm Academic Paper Interactive Visual Specification, Data Transformation Scripts, Data Science, Big Data Infrastructure
Video: Gathering, Processing, and Analyzing Data at Scale using the Google Cloud Platform 2013/12/16 - 9:31pm Video Google Cloud Platform, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Ecosystem
Dealing with Uncertainty: What the reverend Bayes can teach us 2013/12/16 - 9:21pm Slides Bayesian, Uncertainty
Online Machine Learning With Distributed In-memory Clusters 2013/12/15 - 11:03pm Slides Machine Learning, Data Science, In-memory, Clusters, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Ecosystem
Real-time Big Data Without Streaming 2013/12/15 - 9:57pm Slides Real-Time, Big Data, Streaming, Data Analytics Infrastructure, Big Data Infrastructure
How To Plan a Successful Big Data Pilot 2013/12/15 - 9:52pm Slides Big Data Pilot, Big Data Infrastructure, Data Analytics Ecosystem, Big Data
Building Rich, High Performance Tools for Practical Data Analysis 2013/12/15 - 9:50pm Slides Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Analytics Infrastructure
Behind the Data Sensing Lab Gathering, Processing, and Analyzing Data at Scale using the Google Cloud Platform 2013/12/15 - 9:42pm Slides Data Sensing Lab, Google Cloud Platform, Big Data Infrastructure
Large Scale Machine Learning for Information Retrieval 2013/12/11 - 10:52pm Slides Machine Learning, Information Retrieval
Sequencing the Human Genome & Personalized Medicine 2013/12/11 - 10:49pm Slides Sequencing Human Genome, Personalized Medicine
Bioinformatics Data Science 2013/12/11 - 10:47pm Slides Bioinformatics, Data Science
Recursive Deep Models for Semantic Compositionality Over a Sentiment Treebank 2013/12/04 - 11:09pm Academic Paper Sentiment Analysis, Deep Learning, Recursive Deep Models, Semantic Compositionality, Sentiment Treebank
Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database 2013/12/04 - 11:06pm Academic Paper Spanner, Globally-Distributed Database